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notary historyNotary History Timeline

Our Colorado Notary Blog includes a growing collection and reference library of articles on the history of writing, seals, scribes, and notary history. Many of our notary history articles are unique, not found anywhere else.

Our notary history timeline collection begins with ancient civilizations in Sumer, Egypt, China, India, Mesoamerica, Babylon, Phoenicia, Persia, Greece, Rome, and Constantinople.

The notary history journey continues with the Pope, the Church, Justinian, the Crusades, the Knights Templar, Genghis Khan, the Middle Ages, and the European Renaissance in the Old World.

The notary history timeline continues in the New World during the Age of Discovery and colonization with Christopher Columbus, Spanish Conquistadors Cortes, Pizarro, Coronado and Onate, French explorer LaSalle, Colonial notaries in New England, New Netherland, New Sweden, fur trappers and traders, marine protests and whaling.

With the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and Westward expansion across the Mississippi River, notary history continues with territorial notaries, the Old West, wagon trains, Native Americans, the Republic of Texas, the Kingdom of Hawaii, Colorado Territory, the Civil War, the first black notaries, and Indian Territory in Oklahoma.

Five thousand years on the notary history timeline includes people, places and their stories and notary records on clay tablets, papyrus, parchment, paper, and other organic material, up to modern-day electronic notaries and remote online notaries using computers and the Internet, live video conferencing with webcams, electronic documents, encryption, and the latest blockchain distributed ledger technology.

To find an article or topic of interest in our notary history collection, use the timeline lookup table below to search by year, time period, article title, or description.  Then click on the underlined article title link to read it in our Colorado Notary Blog, or browse the notary history timeline collection at Notary History.

We continue to add new articles to our notary history collection and fill in the gaps on the timeline.
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YearEraNotary History Article TitleDescription
3300BCNotaries in Ancient SumerSumerians, clay tablets, cylinder seals, cuneiform, Anunnaki
2750BCNotaries in Ancient Egyptnotaries were part of royal society
2600BCIndus Valley Civilization Writing, Seals
Indus River, script, scribes, seals
1754BCCode of Hammurabi, Babylonearly code of recorded laws
1600BCAncient Chinese Writing, Shang Dynastyfirst Chinese writing on oracle bones
1500BCNotaries in Ancient Phoeniciamasters of the sea, trade, exploration, alphabet
550BCPersian Empire Language, Writing, ScribesCyrus the Great, Darius, cuneiform, Persia, Persepolis
360BCNotaries in Ancient GreeceAristotle, Alexander the Great, Egypt, Rhodes
50BCRoman Law Influence on Notaries, TiroTiro, creator of notae shorthand method
50BCPrivate Seals, Sealed Instruments, Locus Sigilliseals were used by royalty and private citizens
60ADSaint Mark, Patron Saint of Notaries and Lawyerswriter, record keeper
355ADFeast of the Holy NotariesByzantine Empire, Saints Markianos, Martyrios
533ADCode of JustinianByzantine Emperor, compiled Roman civil law
800ADNotaries and the ChurchPopes appointed papal notaries
930ADHistory of the OathKing Athelstan, Anglo-Saxon, English common law
1066ADLaw Merchant, Pie Powder Courtsdeveloped commercial law, merchant courts
1119ADNotaries and the Knights Templardeveloped banking, notary during Crusades
1204ADTata-tonga, Scribe of Genghis Khanscribe, notary for the Mongol Empire
1215ADMagna Carta, Englandearly version of bill of rights
1228ADNotary School of Bologna, Renaissance Italydeveloped notary laws and procedures
1300ADTimbuktu, Mali Manuscripts, Librarieshuge collection of historic manuscripts in Timbuktu, Mali
1324ADMarco Polo Travels and Willnotary who wrote Marco Polo’s will
1492ADNotary with Christopher ColumbusRodrigo Escobedo, royal notary
1519ADHernan Cortes, Notaries, Aztec MexicoCortez, notaries in Aztec Mexico
1532ADSpanish Notaries with Pizarro, Inca Perunotaries with Pizarro, Inca Peru
1540ADCoronado Expedition, Muster Rollnotary for Cortes (Cortez) and Coronado
1598ADFirst Thanksgiving, El Paso, TXSpanish Thanksgiving before Pilgrims
1598ADNotary with Conquistador Onate, New Mexicoroyal notary with Conquistador in New Mexico
1607ADEnglish Common Law for NotariesEnglish common law came to Jamestown Colony, 1607
1608ADFur Traders and NotariesQuebec founded, voyageur contracts
1626ADDutch Notaries in New NetherlandDutch were in New York before the English
1638ADNew Sweden Colony, Delaware Riverlittle-known Swedish colony, now Wilmington
1639ADNotary Public Day, Nov 7thcolonial notary in New Haven Colony
1644ADAspinwall Notarial Records, Bostoncolonial notary in Boston, rare records
1648ADMarine Protest and Maritime Lawrare records of marine protests
1682ADLa Salle Expedition, Louisiana TerritoryFrench notary with La Salle
1706ADUlibarri Claims Colorado for Spainroyal notary with Spanish explorer
1776ADDeclaration of Independenceafter the revolution, states and territories passed notary laws
1800ADNotarized Documents of Native Americans, 1800sIndian chiefs, treaties, signatures, interpreters
1820ADWagon Trains, Contracts, Law 1820-1880Western migration, contracts, depredation
1834ADIndian Territory Notaries, 1834-1907U.S. Court appointed notaries, Indian Territory, now Oklahoma
1836ADNotaries in the Republic of TexasTexas Republic 1836-1846
1842ADBent’s Fort, Coloradoone of the first notaries in Colorado
1846ADHawaiian Kingdom Notary LawsKing Kamehameha III statutes, Hawaii
1850ADNotaries Public Act of 1850oath, affirmation or acknowledg-ment same as justice of peace
1852ADFort Massachusetts, Fort Garland, John M. Franciscoterritorial notary, Costilla County, John M. Francisco
1853ADNotary Reference Booksnotary reference books date back to colonial and pioneer era
1854ADFour Language Sea Letterpassport for whale or merchant ship from President
1857ADFirst Black Notaries in the U.S.first black notaries were appointed before Civil War
1859ADJefferson Territoryterritorial notaries before Colorado Territory
1859ADColorado Justice of the Peacejustice of the peace
1860ADPony ExpressPony Express, Julesburg
1861ADColorado Notary Reference Documentsresource list, Colorado notary laws, information
1861ADColorado Territory Notary Laws
Colorado Territory notary laws
1862ADColorado Territorial Notary, Eugene Westonterritorial notary, Pueblo County, Eugene Weston
1864ADMartial Law in Coloradomartial law declared for Indian wars, labor strikes, flood
1865ADDeposition by Colorado NotarySand Creek Massacre, Chivington, Atkins
1872ADDepredation, Horses Stolen by Indiansaffidavit, Colorado horses stolen by Arapahoe Indians
1876ADNotaries Public Act of 1876notaries can take affidavits, depositions, court testimony
1876ADColorado Day, Statehoodend of Colorado Territorial notaries
1881ADEmma Gillett, First Female Notary
first woman notary in US
1881ADNotaries, Bank Officer Oathsfederal authority needed to use notary for oath
1898ADNotarized Testimonial used in Medicine Advertisingmiracle cure patent medicine, Pink Pills for Pale People
1898ADNotaries in U.S. TerritoriesAmerican Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands

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