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This Change Log page summarizes revisions and updates to our website and blog: Added, Changed, Fixed, Removed, Security.

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>>> 2020 Current

2020-12-02 Bug: Notification Bar covering up menu on AMP pages, workaround solution: Disabled AMP pages for Pay Here, Pay Here – Bitcoin, Mobile Notary, CO Legal Forms, CO Notary Training, Form I-9, Contact Us, Customer Reviews, until bug is fixed
2020-11-30 Plugin: added WP AMP to optimize mobile device page speed 

2020-11-28 Blog: Added post, Maya Civilization Writing, Scribes
2020-11-09 Blog: Added post, Minoan Civilization Writing, Seals
2020-09-30 Added page Jerry Lucas author profile
2020-09-25 Improved page Pay Here, added more form data fields for service type, doc type, comments for more detailed PayPal receipt
2020-09-20 Blog: Added post, Timbuktu, Mali Manuscripts, Libraries 1300 AD
2020-09-11 Installed SiteGround static and dynamic cache, optimizations, deactivated WP SuperCache

2020-08-27 Added Web Access WAcc ☑ to Pay Here Bitcoin, $10 Bitcoin payment setup OK
2020-08-27 Changed Notification Bars to remove button, added HTML blue underlined link and Google reviews image for Web Access
2020-08-25 Added Web Access WAcc ☑ to Colorado Notary Blog Index, notary supplies
2020-08-23 Added Web Access WAcc ☑ to LegalZoom Legal Forms, Legal Plans, NOLO Legal Books, Colorado Notary Training
2020-08-22 Checked and repaired broken links with,,, Screaming Frog SEO Spider
2020-08-22 Added Web Access WAcc ☑ to Colorado Legal Forms, Customer Reviews
2020-08-21 Added Web Access WAcc ☑ to Document Services Agreement, Refund Policy, Form I-9
2020-08-20 Added Web Page Schema in Yoast for link Collection pages, policy posts set to Articles, blog posts default to Social Media Posting
2020-08-19 Added Web Page Schema in Yoast for About Us, Contact Us, Checkout, Web Page
2020-08-15 Optimized images, scaled/cropped all large images to be under 50 KB file size
2020-08-15 Added Web Access WAcc ☑ to Green Business Policy
2020-08-13 Added Web Access WAcc ☑ to Infection Control Policy
2020-08-12 Added Web Access WAcc ☑ to Terms of Use
2020-08-11 Installed WP 5.5
2020-08-10 Added Web Access WAcc ☑ to Mobile Notary, About Us, Accessibility Statement, Contact Us, Coronavirus Status, Fee Schedule, Pay Here, Privacy Policy, Search Website, Change Log,
2020-08-10 Added page Coronavirus COVID-19 status, moved content from mobile notary page
2020-08-10 Added page Accessibility Statement
2020-07-18 Blog: Added post, Green Business Policy, Mobile Notary
2020-07-06 Blog: Added post, Indian Territory Notaries, 1834-1907

2020-06-29 Blog: Added post, First Black Notaries in the U.S.
2020-06-25 Blog: Added post, Reporting a Lost Notary Journal or Stamp
2020-06-22 Blog: Added post, Dignity of Office, Notary Public
2020-05-17 Blog: Added post, New Sweden Colony, Delaware River, 1638-1655
2020-05-05 Blog: Added post, Infection Control Policy, Mobile Notary

2020-03-13 Increased security, added Sucuri PHP hardening, disabled theme/plugin editing
2020-03-06 Blog: Added post, Ancient Chinese Writing, Shang Dynasty, 1600 BC
2020-02-20 Blog: Added post, Indus Valley Civilization Writing, Seals
2020-02-16 Plugin: removed unused plugins Semrush SEO, Enable Media Replace, Quick Featured Images
2020-02-13 Blog: Added post, Certificate of Data Destruction Form
2020-02-tbd Plugin: removed unused plugin Enhanced Media Library
2020-01-09 Optimized WordFence firewall security settings from Basic to Extended Protection, firewall now starts before WP

>>> 2020-01

2019-11-18 Plugin: Enhanced Media Library, deactivated, no longer supported, can’t upload images into posts
2019-11-17 Changed page: Colorado Notary Blog Index, add RSS/Atom web feed links for FeedBurner, Feedly, MyYahoo, Netvibes, Inoreader
2019-11-11 Blog: Added post, Google Page Quality Rating Guidelines
2019-11-07 Blog: Added post, Hindi Language Notary Guide
2019-11-03 Blog: Added post, Tata-tonga, Scribe of Genghis Khan, 1204
2019-10-02 Plugin: added Easy Table of Contents

2019-09-20 Blog: Added post, Fireproof, Waterproof Document Bag Safe
2019-09-11 Blog: Added post, SentrySafe CHW20221 Fireproof Waterproof Chest
2019-09-05 Blog: Added post, Persian Farsi Language Notary Guide  فارسی
2019-09-03 Blog: Added post, Persian Empire Language, Writing and Scribes
2019-07-29 Blog: Added post, Professor Closen’s Notary Best Practices Guide Book

2019-06-22 Blog: Added post, Blockchain Records Affidavit
2019-06-22 Plugin: update WordProof Timestamp 1.0.0, released WordCamp Europe
2019-06-19 Changed page Terms of Use, added blockchain, hash values as acceptable evidence
2019-06-17 Blog: Added post WordProof Timestamp Records WordPress Content on Blockchain
2019-06-07 Plugin: added EOS Blockchain
2019-06-06 Plugin: added WordProof Timestamp 0.6.3 on Telos Blockchain
2019-06-01 Blog: Added post Affidavit of Identity by Credible Witness

2019-05-27 Blog: Added post, Haitian Creole Language Notary Guide
2019-05-08 Installed WP 5.2
2019-04-24 Blog: Added post, Legal Forms in Spanish, Formas Legales en Español

2019-02-14 Blog: Added post Social Media Guidelines for Notaries, 0217
2019-02-09 Blog: added to post. Oath for Witness Testimony
2019-01-19 Blog: Added post Blog Comment Policy for Better SEO, 0122

>>> 2019-01

2018-12-25 Update WP Theme Schema
2018-12-20 Added, updated offsite backlinks for SEO
2018-12-20 Disable discussion pingback, trackback to prevent spam
2018-12-18 Installed WP 5.0

2018-11-21 Blog: Added post Filipino Tagalog Language Notary Guide, 1124
2018-11-19 Blog: Added post Chinese Language Notary Guide, 1122
2018-11-18 Blog: Added post Portuguese Language Notary Guide, 1121
2018-11-17 Blog: Added post Italian Language Notary Guide, 1120

2018-07-17 Website: setup, Let’s Encrypt force https on, used Better Search Replace to replace internal http links with https,
2018-07-10 Website: setup, debugged https SSL Let’s Encrypt secure web pages, fixed http image links, WP SuperCache on, SG static cache on
2018-07-03 Website: removed Google Analytics Monster Insights, setup, debugged Analytify
2018-07-01 Website: removed Slimstat Analytics, setup Google Analytics Monster Insights
2018-07-01 10 PM, Website migrated from GoDaddy 72 ms ping to SiteGround 55 ms ping, new server IP

2018-04-22 Blog: Added post Emma Gillett, First Female Notary 1881, 0425
2018-04-05 Blog: Added post Free Speech in Commercial Speech, 0408
2018-04-03 Blog: Added post Code of Justinian, Byzantine Emperor 527-565 AD, 0406

2018-03-31 Blog: Added post 2018-03-31 Blog: Added post Business Complaint Letter Sample, 0403
2018-03-05 Blog: Added post Business Networking Follow-Up, 0308

2018-02-22 Blog: Added post Wagon Trains, Contracts, Law 1820-1880, 0225
2018-02-12 Blog: Added post Duty to Report a Crime, Colorado, 0215
2018-02-10 Plugin: Added WP Live Chat Support
2018-02-08 Blog: Added post Spam Filter for WordPress Contact Form, 0211

2018-01-26 Blog: Added post Filing a Colorado Notary Complaint, 0129
2018-01-24 Blog: Added post Hawaiian Kingdom Notary Laws 1846, 0126
2018-01-22 Blog: Added post Notaries, Bank Officer Oaths 1881, 0125
2018-01-16 Blog: Added post De Jure, De Facto Officer Doctrine, 0119

>>> 2018-01

2017-12-29 Blog: Added post Deaf, Hard of Hearing Notary Guide, 1231
2017-12-13 Changed: moved domain to new domain host, added WhoIs privacy
2017-12-10 Changed: replaced old php FormMail student registration form with Contact 7 form and CleanTalk, Comment Blacklist spam blocker
2017-12-06 Changed: ran php compatibility tester plugin, upgraded php 5.6 to 7.1, faster page speed for desktop and mobile
2017-12-01 Changed: Server migration completed from classic, php 5.3, to cPanel, php 5.6, cache disabled for testing

2017-10-03 Blog: Added post Feast of the Holy Notaries, October 25th, 1005

2017-09-16 Blog: Added post Fur Traders and Notaries, 1500s to 1800s, 0920
2017-09-05 Blog: Added post Colorado Teacher’s Oath of Allegiance, 0908

2017-08-28 Blog: Added post Colorado Quitclaim Deed, 0901
2017-08-22 Blog: Added post Notaries in Ancient Sumer, 3300 BC, 0824
2017-08-16 Blog: Added post Choice of Law Clause in Contract, 0818
2017-08-05 Blog: Added post Pet Care Power of Attorney, 0807
2017-08-02 Blog: Added post BBB Code of Business Practices, Ethics, 0804

2017-07-22 Blog: Added post Alert and Oriented Mental Status Exam, 0726

2017-06-15 stopped blogging while setting up, testing, learning Windows 10 Pro on HP ProBook 650 notebook PC
2017-06-12 Blog: Added post Scilicet SS Meaning in Notary Certificate, 0616
2017-06-08 Changed menu colors to green, red, gold, black, blue for contrast
2017-06-08 Plugin: changed settings for WordFence for security scan, Added php5.ini file with php resource settings
2017-06-05 Blog: Added post Hernan Cortes, Notaries, Aztec Mexico, 1519, 0608

2017-05-30 Blog: Added post Bill of Sale for Personal Property, Notarized, 0604
2017-05-24 Plugin: added WP Plugin Flamingo, stores messages received from Contact Form 7
2017-05-24 Plugin: fixed: Contact Us, WP Plugin Contact Form 7, not forwarding form message, message lost, added email account
2017-05-23 Plugin: added WP Plugin Jetpack Related Posts
2017-05-23 Plugin: removed WP Related Posts, new version caused website crash
2017-05-22 Blog: Added post Louisiana Notary Powers, 0526
2017-05-20 Blog: Added post Certificate of Notary Record, 0524
2017-05-17 Blog: Added post Colorado Territory Notary Laws, 1861, 0523
2017-05-16 Changed, Update, Security: installed WordPress 4.7.5
2017-05-16 Blog: Added post Colorado Justice of the Peace, 1859-1962, 0520
2017-05-14 Blog: Added post Law Merchant, Pie Powder Courts, 1066, 0519
2017-05-12 Blog: Added post Notaries in U.S. Territories, 0517
2017-05-09 Blog: Added post Notaries and the Knights Templar, 1119-1307, 0514
2017-05-06 Blog: Added post Great Colorado Payback Claim Form, 0511
2017-05-03 Blog: Added post Fort Massachusetts, Fort Garland, John M. Francisco, 1852, 0505

2017-04-30 Blog: Added post Notary Powers and Duties by Law of Nations, 0505
2017-04-22 Blog: Added post Notaries Public Act of 1876, 0426
2017-04-21 Blog: Added post Four Language Sea Letter, Nantucket Whaling Ship, 1854, 0424
2017-04-20 Changed, Update, Fixed bugs: installed WordPress 4.7.4
2017-04-17 Blog: Added post Notaries Public Act of 1850, 0421
2017-04-07 Changed page Mobile Notary, remove keywords drug, alcohol, rehab to prevent irrelevant searches and links, 0411

2017-03-19 Blog: Added post Colorado Springs Zip Code map, 0322
2017-03-18 Changed pages Mobile Notary, Form I-9 info, remove E-Verify services
2017-03-16 Plugin: removed WP Plugin Table of Contents, faster page speed
2017-03-09 Blog: Added post How to Clean Up Old Blog Posts, 0318
2017-03-06 Changed, Update: installed WordPress 4.7.3
2017-03-06 Added page legal-books, 0313 TBD needs more work
2017-03-05 Plugin: added WP IP Geo Block, tested, causes some conflict with edits, Removed, deactivated until more testing completed

2017-02-17 Changed page: mobile-notary, remove keywords zip code to prevent irrelevant searches and links
2017-02-17 Blog: Added post Ransomware Protection and Removal, 0220
2017-02-08 Blog: Added post Pro Bono Notary Services, Colorado Springs, 0211

2017-01-31 Blog: Added post Vietnamese Language Notary Guide, 0203
2017-01-26 Changed, Update: installed WordPress 4.7.2
2017-01-26 Blog: Added post Colorado Notary Training Slides, V29, 0131
2017-01-13 Blog: Added post Mobile Notary During Bad Weather, Disasters, 0120
2017-01-12 Changed, Update: installed WordPress 4.7.1
2017-01-10 Blog: Added post German Language Notary Guide, 0121
2017-01-03 Blog: Added post Use Flattest Route to Avoid Hills, 0107
2017-01-01 Blog: Added post Proof of Execution by Subscribing Witness, 0105

>>> 2017-01

2016-12-25 Blog: Added post History of the Oath, 930 AD, 1228, re-enabled JetPack
2016-12-19 Fixed, website error discovered, re-direct from old html not working, htaccess file was missing, restored from .bak file
2016-12-10 Fixed, website error message on pages, posts working, caused by JetPack plugin, diagnosed 1212, kept JetPack disabled
2016-12-10 Blog: Added post Arabic Language Notary Guide, 1217
2016-12-06 Changed, Update: installed WordPress 4.7
2016-12-06 Blog: Added post Lost, Stolen Colorado Driver’s License or ID Card, 1213

2016-11-28 Blog: Added post Notary School of Bologna, Renaissance Italy, 1228, 1208
2016-11-27 Blog: Changed post Notary for Motor Vehicle Documents, Added Volkswagen diesel settlement, 1210
2016-11-24 Blog: Added post Colorado Springs Holiday Notary Service, 1127
2016-11-20 Blog: Added post Colorado Power of Attorney Hot Powers, 1125
2016-11-11 Blog: Added post Notaries in Ancient Phoenicia, 1500 BC, 1114

2016-10-30 Blog: Added post Notaries in the Republic of Texas, 1836-1846, 1103
2016-10-25 Blog: Added post Cherokee Nation Tribal Code, Notary Laws, 1028
2016-10-09 Blog: Added post Colorado Disaster Emergency Act, 1013
2016-10-02 Changed page Form I-9 info, Removed CO Affirmation Legal Work Status, repealed Aug 10
2016-10-02 Blog: Changed page Fee-Schedule v1.80 create medical Zones M-1 to M-4

2016-09-30 Blog: Added post Bribery and Corrupt Influence of a Notary Public, 1003
2016-09-18 Blog: Added post Unsworn Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury, 0923
2016-09-05 Blog: Added post ExactFile File Verification for Backups, Archives, 0908
2016-09-01 Blog: Added post Samsung USB 3.0 Mini Flash Drive FIT 128GB, 0902

2016-08-24 Blog: Added post Name Affidavit, Also Known As, AKA, 0826
2016-08-09 Blog: Added post uni-ball Signo 207 Anti-Fraud Archival Gel Pen, 0810
2016-08-02 Blog: Added post Preservation of Paper Records, 0805

2016-07-28 Blog: Changed page Reviews, added Thumbtack link
2016-07-22 Added page Thank-You for PayPal payment completion
2016-07-11 Blog: Added post Colorado Notary Law, Immigration Services, 0714
2016-07-05 Changed page Fee-Schedule v1.70 reduce Sunday fee to $10
2016-07-05 Changed page Mobile-Notary reduced text, graphics for faster load
2016-07-04 Changed page Mobile-Notary new law, Added Spanish disclaimer, no legal advice or immigration consulting
2016-07-02 Blog: Added post Notarizing Out-of-State Documents, 0705

2016-06-27 Blog: Added green Notification bars, Leave a Customer Review, Leave a Blog Review
2016-06-26 Blog: Added search, featured images, setup social media page w Twitter, Google+, Facebook pages
2016-06-24 Changed pages to Added rich snippets, review snippets for schema
2016-06-23 Website: Added Google Drive WP backup to Updraft Plus backup
2016-06-22 Website: finished testing new WP theme, Changed settings/plugins/colors, re-enable SuperCache
2016-06-21 Website: installed new WP theme, tested, Changed settings
2016-06-18 Changed page Mobile-Notary improve local SEO optimization
2016-06-18 admin Removed unused WP themes
2016-06-13 Blog: Added post Citations on Notarizing Affidavits, 0616, remove section from notary-certificate
2016-06-12 Changed page Colorado-Notary-Training, updated training booklet to rev 2015-11-17
2016-06-12 Website: Changed, update robots.txt, Sitemap-index.xml 3 files from Yoast SEO
2016-06-10 Plugin: Added WP SuperCache, set expiration 7 days, turn off preload
2016-06-02 Plugin: Added WP Smush, compress images, setup browser cache settings

2016-05-31 Blog: Changed page Social-Media, remove Juicer, Added JetPack social media widgets
2016-05-31 Changed page Reviews, moved Testimonials slider from blog pages to Reviews
2016-05-29 Blog: Added Permanent Redirects from FrontPage .htm pages to WP pages
2016-05-27 Added page Social-Media, Juicer display, Twitter feed
2016-05-26 Blog: Added post Identity Theft Information, 0531
2016-05-23 Changed meta tag in page settings for change-log to robots noindex
2016-05-22 Blog: Added post Pony Express, 1860-1861, 0526
2016-05-21 Plugin: Added JetPack Photon CDN for serving photos, images
2016-05-19 Blog: Added post Living-Trust-Frequent-Questions, 0523
2016-05-18 Added page Student-Registration-Form, tested OK, received in .csv file
2016-05-18 Blog: Fixed PayPal payment form on Notary-Training, goes to checkout screen
2016-05-18 Added page Notary-Supplies
2016-05-18 Blog: Added post Colorado Territorial Notary, Eugene Weston, 1862, 0521
2016-05-15 Blog: Added post New Colorado Driver’s License Design, 0520
2016-05-15 Blog: Changed posts, made all 6 posts with wide tables 360 px wide or responsive w scroll
2016-05-12 Changed page Terms-of-Use, 4.1 added No Endorsement
2016-05-11 Blog: Added post Depredation, Horses Stolen by Indians, 1872, 0515, Changed history timeline
2016-05-08 Plugin: Added Relevanssi search, exclude Change-Log, Pay-Here from index
2016-05-06 Changed page Fee-Schedule v1.60 added fee for detecting/reporting errors, problems
2016-05-05 Changed page Colorado-Notary-Training, proofread, adjust some section numbers
2016-05-04 Changed page Colorado-Notary-Training, 0505, Added content, images, schedule, PayPal
2016-05-04 Fixed mobile, narrow table width on Contact-Us, Reviews, remove background image
2016-05-03 Blog: Fixed cleanup, all red/yellow Yoast SEO errors, Added links to blog front page categories
2016-05-03 Blog: Added post Spanish Notaries w Pizarro, Inca Peru, 1532, 0505, Changed history timeline

2016-04-29 Blog: Changed page Terms-of-Use, Liability Release, acting as agent for principal
2016-04-28 Added page LLC-forms, 0505
2016-04-28 Added header image using Twitter cover
2016-04-27 Changed page Reviews,added several attorneys, law firms
2016-04-26 Changed page Reviews,added logos for review websites
2016-04-26 Added page Legal-Documents, 0505, moved document list from Mobile-Notary page
2016-04-25 Changed page Reviews,added customer list categories
2016-04-23 Added page Reviews, w guarantee, review links, customer list, affiliations, backlinks
2016-04-21 Plugin: Fixed bug: JetPack 4.0 update caused white screen on all blog pages, update to 4.02 fixed
2016-04-21 Error, Blog down: white screen on all blog pages, disabling plugins to find cause
2016-04-21 Blog: Changed page Terms-of-Use, Privacy Policy, Publicity, Reviews, Testimonials
2016-04-17 Blog: Changed page Contact-Us, Added social media links, Added Google Maps, remove LinkedIn from Customer Reviews
2016-04-16 Blog: Added page Pay Here, debug PayPal payment form, working OK, 0420
2016-04-16 Blog: Changed page Mobile-Notary, format, color-code, Added images, 0420
2016-04-16 Blog: Changed page Contact-Us, removed fees
2016-04-15 Blog: Changed pages to full width, no sidebar; added h2 headers to Legal-Forms page
2016-04-14 Blog: Added page Notary-Certificate, 0420
2016-04-14 Blog: Added page Change-Log, 0420
2016-04-13 Blog: Added page Legal-Plans, Legal-Zoom, post Notaries in Ancient Greece, 0416
2016-04-11 Blog: Changed page Terms-of-Use, merged Blog Policy w Legal_Info, 0416
2016-04-10 Blog: Added page About-Us, Legal-Forms, Fee-Schedule, revised page Contact-Us, 0416
2016-04-08 Website cleanup, Fixed broken links, Removed old unused web pages,
2016-03-30 Blog: Added Parental Consent for Minor Tattoo, 0406
2016-03-17 Blog: Added Unauthorized Practice of Law, Colorado, 0324, Added download file Colorado-UPL-Case-History.pdf
2016-03-10 Blog: Added Practice of Law, State Definitions, 0317
2016-03-07 Blog: Added Unauthorized Practice of Law, 0314

2016-02-16 Blog page Changed Terms of Use: Added Correction Policy, Retraction Policy
2016-02-14 Blog: Added Discrimination in Places of Public Accommodation, 0216
2016-02-09 Changed Form I-9 info, note required if completed after deadline
2016-02-03 Blog: Added LED Flashlight Guide, AA/14500, 0209
2016-02-02 Changed Form I-9 info, employee must complete Sect 1 by first day of work, employer must complete Sect 2 within 3 days of first day of work

2016-01-31 Blog: Added Anti-Spam by CleanTalk, WordPress Plugin, 0205
2016-01-30 Changed blog: notary Saturday, Sunday added hours M-F Sat Sun
2016-01-26 Changed contact us, Added online free consultation appointments with Acuity Scheduling
2016-01-16 Changed legal_forms: Added list of Bradford Real Estate Deeds, 0121
2016-01-11 Changed home page: Added Union Printers Home 80910, 0115
2016-01-11 Blog: Added Korean Language Notary Guide, 0115
2016-01-05 Revise: Added Feb, Mar class dates, classroom logos
2016-01-04 Blog: Added Strong Password with Extended ASCII Characters, 010

>>> 2016-01

2015-12-30 Changed legal_forms: Added Colorado MOST form, DNR info, note to keep medical care docs visible for EMS, 0105
2015-12-28 Blog: Added Notarized Documents of Native Americans, 1800s, 1231
2015-12-25 Blog: Added Notary History Article Timeline, 1230
2015-12-23 Changed fee schedule: Rockrimmon/Mountain Shadows, split at Centennial, 80906 split at Nevada, 1230
2015-12-21 Blog: Added PDF Password Protection and Encryption, 1230
2015-12-04 Blog: Added Emergency Plan for Active Shooter, 1206

2015-11-30 Blog: Added Coronado Expedition, Muster Roll, 1540, 1204
2015-11-26 Blog: Added First Thanksgiving, El Paso, Texas, 1598, 1130
2015-11-21 Changed Page: Added MorningStar at Bear Creek 80904, 1125
2015-11-08 Changed Page: notary supplies, replace NNA journal with AAN journal
2015-11-08 Changed Page: Added Dec, Jan class dates
2015-11-05 Blog: Added Notary Journal Comparison, 1108
2015-11-02 Changed: Added to legal forms Small Claims Court clinic, 6 YouTube videos, 40 minutes, 1105

2015-10-31 Changed: Added to legal forms affiliate ads for Nolo products page and Nolo Willmaker, 1105
2015-10-30 Changed: Added to legal books affiliate links, ads for Nolo products page and Nolo Willmaker, 1105
2015-10-27 Blog: Added Agent Ransack File Search Utility Freeware, 1031
2015-10-21 Changed: Added to legal forms Affidavit of Cybersecurity Compliance, Section 3 PDF, 1024
2015-10-21 Blog: Added Affidavit of Cybersecurity Compliance,  1024
2015-10-20 Changed: Added to legal forms Affidavit of Cybersecurity Compliance, Section 2 PDF, 1021
2015-10-19 Blog: Added Backup Files to Micro SD Memory Card, 1021
2015-10-11 Blog: Added Saint Mark, Patron Saint of Notaries and Lawyers, 1018
2015-10-07 Changed: Added definition of Colorado employer, SSN requirements for CO Affirmation of Legal Work Status, 1014
2015-10-02 Blog: Added Correcting an Illegible Notary Stamp, 1009

2015-09-26 Blog: Added Notaries and the Church, 1003
2015-09-25 Changed: Added Notary2Pro TRID certified, 0927
2015-09-24 Changed: Added Pinterest logo, Changed LinkedIn link to Jerry Lucas profile, 0927
2015-09-22 Added Uploaded Revised MDPOA, Living Will, CPR legal forms, Your Right to Make Health Care Decisions
2015-09-22 Added Uploaded Revised training booklet 2015-0720
2015-09-21 Changed: Added Oct, Nov class dates
2015-09-13 Blog: Added CO Notary Training Slides V20, 0921
2015-09-12 Blog: Added USB Mini Fan, 0921
2015-09-07 Changed: Removed SpiderOak logo/affiliate ad, Added Amer Assoc of Notaries member logo

2015-08-26 Blog: Added Colorado Marriage by Proxy, 0907
2015-08-23 Blog: Added WuzzRank to Measure Social Media Popularity, 0827
2015-08-19 Blog: Added French Language Notary Guide, 0826
2015-08-17 Changed: Added Centura Behavioral Health, AspenPointe, psychologist, mental health, drug and alcohol treatment, 0824
2015-08-12 Blog: Added Constitutional Oath of Office form, 0826
2015-08-05 Changed: Added Sep class dates
2015-08-05 Blog: Added Ulibarri Claims Colorado for Spain, 1706, 0806
2015-08-01 Blog: Added Colorado Day, 0805

2015-07-29 Blog: Added POA for Digital Assets, 0802
2015-07-27 Added doc: legal_forms, POA for Digital Assets, 0806
2015-07-26 Blog: Added Panasonic eneloop batteries, 0802
2015-07-22 Changed: legal_info, change Incident Report to Affidavit
2015-07-22 Added doc: legal_forms, CRS 15-11-712, simultaneous death, 0801
2015-07-20 Added doc: legal_info, CO anti-discrimination poster 125×125.jpg
2015-07-18 Added doc: legal_info, Incident Report
2015-07-14 Added doc: legal_info, CO anti-discrimination disclosure, poster, Changed right of refusal
2015-07-13 Blog: Added name discrepancy, 0717
2015-07-11 Added: new section, recent blog posts, 0717
2015-07-10 Blog: Added gun, firearm documents, 0714
2015-07-09 Changed: Added Northgate/Gleneagle, Briargate, Cordera, Rockrimmon, 0710
2015-07-08 Changed: Added penalty info and fact sheet for CO Employment Verification, 0726
2015-07-08 Changed: Added ActiveRain logo referral link in top header
2015-07-06 Changed: Added Aug class dates
2015-07-06 Changed: move notary signing agent to blog, 0714
2015-07-05 Changed: estate planning, Added gun trust, firearms trust, 0709
2015-07-04 Blog: Added Non-Citizen Notary, 0707
2015-07-04 Blog: Added Declaration of Independence 1776, 0707
2015-07-04 Changed: move estate planning, POA, will, trust to blog, 0705
2015-07-03 Changed: Added Burger King and McDonald’s to Zone 0, $10, Starbucks Zone 1, $15, 0705
2015-07-03 Changed: Added traveling notary to meta desc, remove notary certificate
2015-07-02 Changed: move field services to blog, 0705
2015-07-02 Changed: legal forms, Added Bradford Publishing, 0705

2015-06-24 Changed: robots.txt, Disallow pre-paid_legal.htm
2015-06-30 Blog: Added Conquistador Onate, 0703
2015-06-28 Changed: move notary reference books to blog, 0702
2015-06-27 Changed: move notary reference documents to blog, 0702
2015-06-25 Fixed: Added #NAME index tag to go to Pay_Here
2015-06-24 Changed: will to last will, trust to living trust
2015-06-23 Changed: Colorado Notary Training class dates for July
2015-06-23 Added: change_log.htm
2015-06-23 Added: zip codes for travel zones, more mobile notary keywords
2015-06-23 Changed: Sunday hours clarification morning/afternoon, blog link
2015-06-23 Blog: Changed Sunday notary service locations, United Check Cashing, 0702
2015-06-22 Blog: Changed Motor Vehicle post, Added car title transfer
2015-06-22 Blog: Added Sunday notary service locations, US Bank, 0626
2015-06-20 Blog: Added Christopher Columbus, 0702
2015-06-19 Changed: move oath/affirmation section to blog, 0623
2015-06-18 Changed: move family law section to blog, 0623
2015-06-18 Changed: move medical documents section to blog, 0702
2015-06-18 Changed: move school documents section to blog, 0623
2015-06-18 Changed: move real estate documents section to blog, 0702
2015-06-17 Changed: move financial documents section to blog, 0702
2015-06-16 Changed: move business documents section to blog, 0702
2015-06-15 Changed: move motor vehicle documents section to blog, 0628
2015-06-14 Changed: move petition, election section to blog, 0626
2015-06-14 Changed: move foreign document, apostille section to blog, 0702
2015-06-12 Changed: move mailing records section to blog, 0623
2015-06-12 Changed: move legal support section to blog, 0628
2015-06-12 Changed: move self-help legal forms section to blog, 0626

2015-05-30 Blog: Added Endorsements, Testimonials FTC Guides, 0623
2015-05-18 Blog: Added Magna Carta, 0623
2015-05-15 Blog: Added Recording Phone Calls, 0623
2015-05-09 Blog: Added Digital Advertising Disclosure, 0623
2015-05-02 Blog: Added Notaries in Ancient Egypt, 0623

>>> 2015-05

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