Refund Policy Money Back Guarantee ABC Legal Docs15.0 REFUND POLICY, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

Refund Policy. After you receive your product, service or class, and have made payment in full by the due date, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you agree to contact us in writing by mail or email within 30 days and explain the problem.  You agree to provide your real name, mailing address, email address, phone number, purchase date, item description, and purchase amount. We will investigate the matter and then solve or correct the problem, provide a substitute or replacement, or refund your payment, minus any shipping or travel fee.

If you paid for multiple documents, products, services or classes, the refund policy applies only to the portion of your payment for those documents, products, services or classes where there was a problem. For example, if you paid us a travel fee of $20, plus $10 to notarize two documents, and we made an error or omission on one document, we will correct the error or omission at no cost, or refund the $5 notary fee for that document.

The refund policy does not apply to digital products, PDF files or training materials where you have received a password or access, no shows for appointments or training classes, your misunderstanding, change of mind or need, or matters outside of our control.


You agree not to make, write, speak, post, publish, assist or encourage any defamatory, false, misleading, half-truth, slanderous, libelous, threats, fighting words, obscenity, personal attacks, harassment, illegal or unlawful remarks, comments, complaints, ratings or reviews concerning our business, products, services, conversations, email, correspondence, practices, terms, affiliates, agents, officers or employees. You agree to give us a written mail or email notice of the problem, and a fair opportunity, up to 30 days, to investigate, solve or correct the problem, make a product or service replacement, or refund your payment.

Failure to give us written mail or email notice of the problem, or up to 30 days for problem investigation and resolution, shall be considered an act of bad faith, a material violation of fair and due process, a breach of contract, and shall void the money-back guarantee.

You agree not to post, submit, assist, commission or encourage any customer reviews, remarks, comments, complaints or ratings unless you have completed a paid transaction as a customer, and received a product, service or class from our business. Upon request, you agree to submit your complaint in the form of a signed, dated, notarized affidavit, stating the facts of the completed paid transaction, sworn to or affirmed, under penalty of perjury. We may record and transcribe phone calls as evidence.


If you accept our solution or correction to the problem or receive your money back, you agree that the solution or refund shall be considered as the final settlement in full, and shall release us from any further time, expense, harm, negative publicity, or liability regarding the matter.

Note: this Refund Policy, Money-back Guarantee is part of our Terms of Use.

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