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General Notary Services
: Pay on or before the date of service (due date) by cash, local check, or online using a credit card or PayPal (no PayPal account required), or pay by invoice due date. No payments by coins, out-of-state or foreign checks, or foreign currency.

Other Products or Services: Pay by invoice due date, send a local check by mail or pay online using credit/debit card or PayPal, no PayPal account required.
Customers may be required to pay in advance, at our discretion.
Additional Terms and Conditions are detailed in our Document Services Agreement and Terms of Use, posted on our website, and in notary training content.

Credit Terms: if you pay on credit, including paying after services are rendered, or after products are received, or upon receipt of a bill or invoice from us, you agree to the credit terms, late fees and collection costs in our Fee Schedule and our Terms of Use. For product purchases, ownership does not transfer until we receive full payment.

Electronic Receipt: Upon request, if you pay by cash, we will send an electronic receipt of your payment by email to your email address. We do not issue paper receipts. If you pay on the PayPal website, they will send you a receipt by email.

Contract Acceptance: If you use our website, email, phone number, blog, or content, order or purchase or use our products or services, schedule an appointment to use our services, or to attend a class, you agree to our Fee Schedule, Terms of Use and Document Services Agreement on our website, which are subject to change at any time.

A. Travel Fees for Mobile Notary, Document Services, Field Inspection, Field Services

1. Standard travel fee, to home, business, shipping service, based on zip code      Zone 0: $10, Zone 1: $15, Zone 2: $20, Zone 3: $25, Zone 4: $30
2. Medical/senior care travel fee, to hospital, nursing home, rehab, therapy, assisted living, etc. based on zip code Zone M-1 $25, Zone M-2 $30, Zone M-3: $35, Zone M-4: $40
3. Airport travel fee, to Colorado Springs Airport, parking fee included, 30 minutes on site      $50
4. Jail, detention center or court travel fee, in Colorado Springs, includes parking fee, security check, ID check, visitor log, search/scan, visitor rules check, 1 hr on site     $60
5. Extra time/mileage fee, more than 15 miles or more than 20 minutes one way     $0.50 per mile or $0.50 per minute
6. Extra fee for travel/weather advisory, accident alert, heavy rain, snow, hail or ice on roads, disaster, unsafe/hazardous conditions      $25 or Cancel/ Reschedule
7. Full travel fee is due if you do not cancel before we arrive. Pro-rated travel fee is due if canceled while en route.
8. If we arrive late, and you have not canceled, full travel fee is due. Scheduled arrival time is not guaranteed, and we may be delayed due to weather, traffic, car problem, completing prior appointment, or other reason.
9. Security checkpoint fee, for visitor check-in, registration, ID check, gear locker, or access to military base, gated entrance or another secure facility     $5

B. General Notary Fees

1. Notary fee, oath, affirmation, acknowledgment, witnessing, paper documents $5/notarization, $5/other signature; for more than two documents with same signatures, the fee for the additional documents is reduced to $3/notarization, $3/other signature
2. Electronic Notary (e-notary) fee, oath, affirmation, acknowledgment, witnessing, electronic documents (not loan docs)     $10/notarization, $5/other signature
3. Notary fee, administer oath or affirmation, for an affidavit, deposition, witness, remote testimony witness, oath of office, no documents     $5/notarization, $5/certificate
4. Notary fee, certified copy, (no vital records or publicly recordable docs), copy of journal entry      $5/notarization, $5/certificate
5. Apostille: send and receive a notarized document by First Class Mail to SOS for Apostille    $15 service fee
6. [Electronic remote notarization (remote notary) by webcam, audio/video communication, $25/notarization, if and when law and rules passed, new bills (SB 19-084 died), (HB 19-1167 proposed)] 

C. ID Verification/Certification/Proofing (Other than Notary Transaction)

1. Form I-9, other ID verification/certification, or other agent certification form, $10 per document
2. E-Verify (electronic Form I-9) employer setup/renewal fee      $30 setup, $20 renewal

D. Field Inspection/Field Services/Research/Photo Services

1. Field inspection, no contact, take photos      $10 for 1-5 photos, $2 per photo >5
2. Field inspection, field services, research, no contact, verify address/information, complete report     Negotiable
3. Field services, with contact, interview, verify information/occupancy, deliver docs, complete report. Negotiable

E. Extra Fees: (outside of standard fee business hours, Mon-Sat 8 am-8 pm)

1. Sunday fee (8 am-8 pm)     $10
2. Holiday fee, on Federal Holidays, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve      $20

3. Early Bird fee (6 am-8 am), Late Evening fee (8 pm-10 pm)      $20
4. Red Eye fee (10 pm-6 am)      $50

F. Mobile Notary Signing Agent Services, Certified Notary Signing Agent, Background Screened

1. Signing agent service, purchase, sale, refi, HELOC or settlement docs, base fee, up to 100 pages $100
2. Signing agent service, two loans or other lengthy docs, base fee, up to 200 pages     $140
3. Signing agent service, other docs, base fee, up to 50 pages (no upfront fees collected)      $50

G. Extra/Other Fees: Shipping, postage, envelopes, mailers, parking fees and tolls are extra charges.

1. Document printing, loan docs, eDocs, 2 copies, up to 100 pages each, copying loose pages      $25 up to 100 pgs, other printing $0.10 per pg, shredding $0.10 per pg
2. Document scanning to PDF file or another file, copying/scanning bound pages      $0.50/loose page, $1.00/bound page
3. Copy/burn files to CD disc (700 MB)     $10 up to 10 files, $0.50 per file > 10
4. Fax back or email scan back documents      $1.00 per page
5. Recording/transcribing meetings, minutes, interviews, depositions, virtual assistant, secretarial services, writing, proofreading, editing, OCR conversion  $30 per hour
6. Rush service, less than 4 hours notice  $25 (we may cancel or add a fee if all docs needed are not received at least 4 hours before the appointment)
7. Appointment cancellation, reschedule, change of mind or change of location, less than 4 hours notice      $25 for signing agent appt,, $10 for notary appt.
8. Signer refuses/unable/impaired/disqualified to sign, halted signing or no show/no ID/bad ID     $50 for signing agent appt,, $10 for notary appt.
9. Customer, lender, title, escrow, signing service cancels or not funded after the appointment is completed      Full amount due for services rendered
10. Waiting time for signer, witness, service, another party, phone call, email, documents, other delays more than 15 minutes   $10 per 15 minutes, time rounded up
11. Return trip to the customer, due to our error or omission     no charge for travel fee, printing fee, notary fee, mailing corrected docs by USPS first class or Priority Mail
12. Any problems or deductions due to our error or omission must be reported in writing within 8 hours of doc delivery. Only fees disclosed/agreed in advance are allowed.
13. Return trip to customer, up to 15 miles, due to your error,omission,adds,changes, 10 pg max  $50 up to 10 pgs, $1 per pg > 10
14. Late fee, collection costs, affidavit fees, court costs, if payment in full not received by Due Date $20 per month + court/collection costs
15. Returned check, late check, defective check (missing/incorrect date, payee, amount, signature) $40 + immediate payment of balance
16. Reporting bad check, unethical business practices to law enforcement, regulators, BBB others $50 + immediate payment of balance
17. Doing research, providing information, answers, consulting, or processing difficult, unusual, foreign language, or foreign jurisdiction documents or transactions $30 per hour
18. Detecting and reporting significant problems, errors, omissions, legal compliance issues with customer, transaction or paperwork  $5 per item
19. Late fees will be added if payment made using PayPal, credit card, or debit card is reversed by chargeback for any reason. Contact us first to report any problems, errors or complaints.
20. Time for records research, witness preparation, appearance, at court, hearing, investigation, law firm, other location  $10 per 15 minutes, time rounded up
21. Compensation fee for diversion of resources, frustration of mission in response to defamation, false reporting, harassment, violations of the law, agreements or Terms of Use $30 per hour, plus expenses

H. Signing Agent Services Include: Receive and review documents, set appt with customer, confirm appt, travel to appt (up to 15 miles), conduct signing (up to 90 minutes), ID verification, notarize (up to 10 documents), confirm job completion, drop off docs at FedEx/UPS/USPS (up to 5 miles), confirm doc drop off, send invoice. M-F cutoff time for FedEx/UPS/USPS is 5 PM.
Document printing, shredding, fax back, email, scan back, rush service are extra services. (See above).  

I. Notary Classes:
1. Cancellation: a registered student may receive a refund by sending a cancellation notice by email at least 24 hours before class. If instructor cancels class, students may request a refund or may reschedule.
2. Rescheduling: if a student reschedules more than 24 hours before class, or is a no show for class, or cancels within 24 hours before class, student may reschedule to attend a future class, at no extra cost.
3. Change of location or delivery method: if the minimum number of students do not register, or due to bad weather, or emergency, instructor may cancel or change the location of class, or change from a live class to a live teleconference class, by phoning or sending email or text message to students, at least 2 hours before class.

J. Pro Bono Fee Waiver:
On a special occasion, we may waive our notary and travel fees for humanitarian reasons, to assist a person experiencing trauma, loss, casualty, medical or financial hardship. A pro bono fee waiver is for the good of the public and our fellow Colorado Springs community members. We volunteer our time, expertise and expenses for pro bono or free notary services.

This Fee Schedule is subject to change at any time.

[end of fee schedule]

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