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Colorado Legal Forms and Information

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3. Colorado Power of Attorney, POA

3.  Power of Attorney, POA, State of Colorado Statutory Form, 2010, for financial affairs and real estate, with witness affidavit

POA Agent’s Record Book .pdf,  POA Agent Record Book .xls  agents serving under a POA must keep records of their actions

Colorado Law CRS 15-14-711 POA Coagents and Successor Agents

Colorado Probate Code: CRS 15-14-701 Colorado Uniform Power of Attorney Act 2010

Colorado Law CRS 15-14-712. Reimbursement and compensation of agent. Unless the power of attorney otherwise provides, an agent is entitled to reimbursement of expenses reasonably incurred on behalf of the principal and to compensation that is reasonable under the circumstances. (agents report nonprofessional fiduciary fees earned as compensation on IRS Form 1040, line 21, Other Income.)

Colorado Rule 10 CCR 2505-10 8.100.7.G.4. Treatment of Certain Assets as Transfers Without Fair Consideration. Note: Colorado Medicaid (Health First Colorado) treats money paid to a family member as a gift and asset transfer, not earned income, unless a compliant, signed, notarized Personal Care Agreement is executed and a work log is maintained. Taxes are due on earned income. See IRS Publication 926, Household Employer’s Tax Guide. Colorado Medicaid may assess a penalty period for asset transfer, before benefits eligibility. In Colorado, every $8,000 given away during the five years prior to a Medicaid application creates a one-month period of ineligibility. $8,000 is the average private pay cost for one month in a nursing home in Colorado.

POA Monitor Agreement, sample form to appoint a monitor to protect principal from agent neglect, dishonesty, incompetence

Agent’s Certification of Authority, agent’s sworn statement that POA is currently effective and valid

Power of Attorney for Digital Assets, sample form to appoint agent to manage digital accounts, digital currency, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, blockchain, private keys, passwords, digital property, digital devices, computer files. See article POA for Digital Assets.

Digital Assets Inventory Worksheet

Temporary Child Custody Delegation of Power by Parent or Guardian pursuant to CRS 15-14-105, Colorado Court Form JDF 751, Instructions JDF 750. Form JDF 751 in Spanish

CRS 15-14-105. Delegation of power by parent or guardian. A parent or guardian of a minor or incapacitated person, by a power of attorney, may delegate to another person, for a period not exceeding twelve months, any power regarding care, custody, or property of the minor or ward, except the power to consent to marriage or adoption.

4. Colorado Medical Power of Attorney

4.  Note: Keep medical care documents in a location visible to EMS, emergency medical services, next to bed, on refrigerator, in wallet
Medical Durable Power of Attorney, to appoint an agent for health care decisions, medical affairs, includes access to medical records, with witness affidavit

Health Care Proxy, consensus by interested parties to appoint the best candidate as proxy when patient is diagnosed incapacitated by physician and has not completed a Medical POA. See CRS 15-18.5-103.

Living Will, for end of life health care and life support decisions for terminally ill patients.  Note: Requires two disinterested witnesses, not medical staff or family members.  Friends, neighbors, co-workers or volunteers may be used.

CPR, patient’s wishes regarding Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, must be signed by patient and physician

DNR, Do Not Resuscitate, physician’s order for patient in health care facility, including nursing home, patient consent not required

Your Right to Make Health Care Decisions in Colorado, 2011 version, booklet explaining use of advance directives in Colorado

Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST) for Colorado, 2015 version, discuss with physician, must be signed by physician

Affidavit of Medical Doctor Regarding Patient Incapacity signed, sworn, professional medical doctor opinion of patient incapacity

5. Colorado Medicaid Declaration of Income Trust

5. Declaration of Income Trust CO Medicaid 2016 [new version 2016] from Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF), used to qualify for Medicaid assistance with the cost of nursing home care or home care, contact an attorney for elder care legal advice

Declaration of Income Trust CO Medicaid 2016 Instructions  

CO Notice of Income Trust Closure 2016

CO Income Trust Ledger 2016

CO Agency Letter HCPF 16-001 Declaration of Income Trust Procedure

Medicaid Declaration of Income Trust Form, [old version 2005] Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing form (HCPF 05-006) from Colorado Gerontological Society, used to qualify for Medicaid assistance with the cost of nursing home care or home care, contact an attorney for elder care legal advice

6. HIPAA Release and Authorization

6.  HIPAA Release and Authorization allows release and access to medical records

7. Colorado Limited Liability Company (LLC)

7.  Limited Liability Company (LLC) forms list, TBD

Colorado LLC Articles of Organization, Sample Form

Colorado LLC Articles of Organization, Instructions

8. Colorado Corporation

8.  Colorado Articles of Incorporation, Sample Form

Colorado Articles of Incorporation, Instructions 

9. Colorado Trade Name

9.  Colorado Trade Name Registration, for Sole Proprietor

Colorado Trade Name Registration, Instructions

10. Living Trust

10.  Information on Living Trusts

11. Colorado Real Estate, Landlord, Tenant, Eviction, Rental Property

Sample Rental Forms

sample forms packet for students of our Managing Rental Property landlord training class.  (file opening password is required from the instructor)

11.  Sample Form Colorado Quitclaim Deed, Quit Claim Deed, no warranty.

12. Colorado landlord/tenant legal forms, lease, rental application, lead paint disclosure, security deposit form, pet agreement form, utility agreement form, legal handbook, legal seminars and property management/landlord training are available from the Apartment Association of Southern Colorado, AASC (719) 264-9195 and Apartment Association of Metro Denver, AAMD (303) 329-3300.

13.  Colorado landlord/tenant legal forms for evictions on Colorado Courts website, Notice to Quit (JDF 97), 3-day notice: Demand for Compliance or Right to Possession (JDF 101), Affidavit of Service (JDF 98), Complaint in Forcible Entry and Detainer FED (eviction) (JDF 99), Instructions for Forcible Entry and Detainer FED (eviction) (JDF 100). Notice to Quit for Substantial ViolationUnderstanding Colorado Evictions slide presentation.
Before selling or disposing of abandoned personal property, landlord must give tenant 15 days written notice by certified mail to last known address. See CRS 13-40-122 Writ of restitution after judgment, CRS 38-20-116. Abandoned property – notice of sale.

Colorado Eviction Laws FED CRS 13-40-101 Colorado Eviction Laws, Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED), CRS 13-40-101

14. Pikes Peak Library

14.  Many legal forms, legal books, Colorado statutes, and citations are available for free at the Pikes Peak Library, law libraries or on state and local court websites.
The Pikes Peak Library Law Collection is located at the Penrose Library, 20 N Cascade Ave.

15. Bradford Publishing, Colorado Legal Forms

15.  Colorado legal forms and books were previously available for purchase from Bradford Publishing Company in Denver. Bradford Publishing closed in December 2017. Their books and forms may be found at the public library and from the Colorado Bar Association, CLE.  Bradford Legal Forms are now sold by Petersen Specialty Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co. in Wheat Ridge, CO.   U.S. Legal Forms is another publisher of thousands of legal forms.

Last Will, no minor children, Sample form e39A, Colorado Last Will, no minor children, Sample Form e39A

Last Will, with minor children, Sample form e39C, Colorado Last Will, minor children, Sample Form e39C

Tangible Personal Property Letter Colorado, Sample form use with Last Will to give specified tangible personal property to beneficiaries

Real Estate Deeds: Colorado Quitclaim Deed, Quit Claim Deed, General Warranty Deed
Special Purpose Deeds: Bargain and Sale Deed, Mortgage Deed, Beneficiary Deed (Transfer On Death), Sample Form e48, Conservator’s Deed, Personal Representative’s Deed (Sale), Personal Representative Deed of Distribution, Sample Form e47, Supplementary Affidavit, Sample Form e984, Trustee’s Deed, Mineral Deed, Mining Deed (Quitclaim)
Other Colorado legal forms: Colorado Mechanics Lien
Sample form e180A, rev 11-09: CO Statement of Mechanics Lien, Notice of Intent to File, Affidavit of Service

Booklet, 2000 edition: Mechanics Lien Rights in Colorado

Book: Winning Big in Colorado Small Claims Court from Bradford Publishing

Book: Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court from NOLO Press in our Legal Books section

16. Colorado Small Claims Court

16.  Colorado Small Claims Court Clinic, educational videos, from Colorado Legal Services, presented by Boulder Attorney Alice Warren-Gregory, published Sep 2, 2014.
Total video time, about 40 minutes.

Colorado Small Claims Court video, part 1, Introduction, length 7:54

Colorado Small Claims Court video, part 2, Filing the Complaint, length 5:33

Colorado Small Claims Court video, part 3, Service Process, length 4:40

Colorado Small Claims Court video, part 4, Respond to a Complaint, length 4:31

Colorado Small Claims Court video, part 5, Preparing for Trial, length 10:03

Colorado Small Claims Court video, part 6, Trial and Post-Trial, length 5:02

17. Colorado Court Legal Forms

17.  Free information from the Colorado Courts, including
county court civil matters,

child support

child custody,


legal separation and divorce,

victims’ rights

estate and probate

conservatorship for adults
,  Any person, at least 21 years old, concerned about the adult’s financial situation, or any person who would be negatively affected if the adult’s finances are not managed correctly, can file a conservatorship case. The court will name a conservator for an adult only if the court decides that the adult is not able to manage their financial situation without help.

conservatorship for minors
,  Any person, at least 21 years old, concerned about the minor’s financial situation, or any person who would be negatively affected if the minor’s finances are not managed correctly, can file a conservatorship case. The court may name a conservator for the minor if: 1. The minor owns money or property that needs protection due to the age of the minor, OR 2. For reasons other than age, the minor is not able to make financial decisions without help.

guardianship for adults
,  Any person, at least 21 years old, who is concerned about the well-being of the adult can file a guardianship case.  The court will name a guardian for an adult only if the court decides that the adult is not able to care for themselves or make their own decisions without help.

guardianship for minors
,  Any person, at least 21 years old, concerned about the minor’s welfare can file a guardianship case. The court may name a guardian for the minor if: 1. The parents agree; OR 2. The parents’ parental rights have been taken away by the court; OR 3. The parents are not able to care for the minor (for example, if the parents have died or they have abandoned the minor); OR 4. The person named as the guardian for the minor dies or becomes incapacitated and they did not name a replacement guardian.

Small Claims Court


18.  Free court legal forms and information from the Colorado Courts Self-Help Center.  Schedule of Colorado court fees.  See schedule of monthly free small claims court seminars in Denver.

19.  El Paso County Combined Courts, Self Help Center, Room S101, 270 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs 80903, Self-Help Center website.  Staffed by Self-Represented Litigant Coordinators and volunteers from Justice Corps, available to answer questions, help find available court forms, provide information on court procedures, provide references to community resources, alert parties of options to resolve disputes outside of court by using mediation or other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  The Self-Help Center does not provide legal advice or fill out forms.

20. El Paso County, Colorado, Lawyer Referral Service

20.  El Paso County Bar Association website.  Lawyer referral service: (719) 636-1532.
Ask-A-Lawyer: free, confidential anonymous legal advice from volunteer attorneys, second Saturday each month, 10 am – noon, Citadel Mall, adjacent to the upper-level food court area near guest Services.
Call-A-Lawyer: free, confidential anonymous legal advice from volunteer attorneys, third Thursday evening each month, phone number only works during the monthly event.
call (719) 471-0380, 7 pm-9 pm during Jan, Mar, Apr, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct, Dec
call (719) 457-8211, 5 pm-7 pm during Feb, May, Jul, Nov (in conjunction with KKTV)

21. Colorado Bar Association Consumer Brochures

21.  Colorado Bar Association educational brochures website.

Some Colorado Bar Association Educational Brochures:

ADR, Appropriate Dispute Resolution (Mediation, Arbitration, etc.)

Probate in Colorado  Note: There are simplified rules for settling a small estate with a value under $64,000.  (A beneficiary deed may be used to avoid probate and transfer real estate when you die to your beneficiaries.)

Wills in Colorado

So Now You are a Personal Representative

So Now You are a Trustee

What to do When Someone Dies

Senior Law Handbook

Financial Powers of Attorney in Colorado  summary of POA basics, hot powers, rights, choosing an agent, making changes

Financial Power of Attorney Agent in Colorado  summary of agent’s role, authority, duties, liability, compensation

Help for Agents Under a Power of Attorney  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Sample Form Revocation of Power of Attorney

Sample Form Resignation of Power of Attorney

Sample Form Affidavit of Principal’s Competence at time of Granting Power of Attorney

22. Colorado Wills, Self-Proving Wills, Beneficiary Agreements

22.  Colorado laws CRS 15-11-501 thru -506 on wills, self-proving (self-proved) wills, notarized wills.

Form Colorado Self-Proving Affidavit Witness at Execution, CRS 15-11-504(1), notarized at execution

Form Colorado Self-Proving Affidavit Witness after Execution, CRS 15-11-504(2), notarized after execution

CRS 15-11-712 Simultaneous death, disposition of property

22A.  Colorado Declaration of Disposition of Last Remains, Statutory Form, CRS 15-19-104 

23A. Form Colorado Designated Beneficiary Agreement, Statutory Form, CRS 15-22-101

23B. Form DNA Account Beneficiary Agreement, transfer DNA samples and records to a beneficiary upon death or incapacity

24. Colorado Legal Assistance

24.  Colorado Springs Legal Assistance Directory Handout

25.  Colorado Legal Services, legal assistance and advocates for low-income Colorado residents.  Self-help legal information, clinics, videos, court information, legal aid attorneys, pro bono attorneys.  Offices across Colorado.

Colorado Springs office, 617 S Nevada Ave, 80903, (719)471-0380
Denver office, 1905 Sherman St, Suite 400, 80203, (303)837-1313
Pueblo office, 1000 W 6th St, 81003, (719) 545-6708

26. Colorado Consumer Protection Laws

26.  Colorado Consumer Protection Laws, Filing a Complaint, Colorado Attorney General  Consumer Protection

27. Meeting Minutes

27.  Sample Form Meeting Minutes template for business, corporation, LLC, non-profit, HOA, club, association. Based on Robert’s Rules of Order. 

28. Certificate of Incumbency

28.  Certificate of Incumbency, certified list of current company officers, signed by company officer, usually the secretary, print on company letterhead

29. Colorado Nonprofit Corporation Records

29.  Colorado Nonprofit Corporation Records, Colorado Revised Statutes CRS 7-136

30. Travel Consent for Minor Child

30.  Sample Form Travel Consent for Minor Child for U.S. or international travel

31. Animals, Livestock, Pet Care Agreement, Pet Protection Agreement

31A. Bill of Sale for Animal, Dog, Cat, Bird, Pet, see notarized Bill of Sale for Personal Property

31B. Sample Form Pet Care Power of Attorney, Notarized, appoint an agent when you are on vacation, busy, sick or incapacitated

31C. Sample Form Pet Care Agreement, Notarized for temporary pet care

31D. Sample Form Pet Protection Agreement, buy Pet Protection Agreement from LegalZoom for estate planning

31E. Bill of Sale for Livestock, see Bill of Sale for Livestock, Notarized,  per Colorado law CRS 35-54-103

32. Colorado Trespassing Laws

32.  Colorado Trespassing Laws, Colorado Revised Statutes CRS 18-4-502

33. Affidavit of Translation

33.  Affidavit of Translation, to translate Spanish or other foreign language documents to English language. 

34. Document Affidavit

34.  Document Affidavit, to swear or affirm that an attached document is true and correct.

35. Copy Certification by Document Custodian

35.  Copy Certification by Document Custodian, affidavit that an attached document is true and correct

36. Business Records Affidavit

36.  Business Records Affidavit, affidavit for business records, logs or medical records kept in the normal course of business

37. Affidavit of Mailing

37.  Affidavit of Mailing, to provide evidence of mailing documents

38.  Affidavit of Non-Response, to provide evidence that no response was received by mail

To appoint an agent to receive mail on your behalf see USPS PS Form 1583 Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent

39. Colorado Consumer Protection

39.  Colorado Attorney General, information on Colorado consumer protection laws regarding many topics is found in their Consumer Resource Guide.  Topics include purchasing, repair, and leasing of new and used automobiles, the Colorado Lemon Law, business licensing issues, common scams, civil rights and employment, elder and senior citizen issues, credit and lending, general consumer issues and complaints, common legal questions, health issues, and identity theft. 

40. FTC Identity Theft Complaint Affidavit

40.  FTC Identity Theft Complaint Affidavit, use this form from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to make a sworn statement (affidavit) about your identity theft case, before a Colorado notary public

41. Colorado Motor Vehicle Forms

41.  Colorado Department of Revenue, Auto Industry Division (AID),

Colorado Lemon Law

Colorado Auto Buying Tips

Complaint Process for Auto Problems

Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle (DR 2173), cash sale, for car, automobile, truck, motorcycle, RV, camper

Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle (DR 2173-PN), financed sale using a promissory note

Promissory Note for sale of motor vehicle

Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle Exhibit A Trade In, trade-in vehicle used for purchase

Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property Pursuant to Small Estate Proceeding (DR 2712)

Form CO DMV Power Of Attorney Motor Vehicle Only DR2175

Form Colorado Title Transfer on Death Beneficiary (DR 2009)

Form Power of Attorney to Retrieve Motor Vehicle to authorize an agent to retrieve a motor vehicle and/or personal property from Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) impound lot

42. Colorado Manufactured Home, Mobile Home Forms

42.  Colorado Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division, Colorado forms list for Manufactured Homes

Colorado Department of Local Affairs Property Tax forms for Manufactured Homes

Sample form, eForms Mobile Home Bill of Sale

43. Colorado Usury Interest Rates

43. Colorado Interest Rates and Usury Interest Laws, Colorado Revised Statutes CRS 5-12-103, 18-15-104

44. Colorado Small Estate Affidavit

44.  Colorado Small Estate Affidavit (estate valued under $64,000), Collection of Personal Property by Affidavit, CRS 15-12-1201
Form Colorado JDF 999 Small Estate Affidavit 2015-06 and Instructions, Form Colorado JDF 998 Small Estate Affidavit Instructions 2015-06

45. Bill of Sale for Personal Property, Notarized

45.  Bill of Sale for Personal Property, Notarized, sample form with notary section for buyer and seller.

46. Deed of Gift of Personal Property, Notarized

46.  Deed of Gift of Personal Property, Notarized, sample form with notary section for donor, receipt from donee.

47. Name Affidavit, Affidavit of Identity

47.  Name Affidavit AKA, sample form stating your current name, DOB, and other names (AKA, Also Known As) or former names (FKA, Formerly Known As) you are known by, such as maiden name, nickname, initials, etc.

Affidavit of Identity, sample form stating your name, date of birth, address, with photo identification inserted.

Affidavit of Identity by Credible Witness, sample form for a credible witness to identify a known person who does not have an acceptable form of identification.

Affidavit of Identification Photograph, sample form stating your identity, physical description, with your photo attached.

48. Affidavit of Cybersecurity Compliance

48.  Affidavit of Cybersecurity Compliance, sample form, PDF format, to show evidence of compliance with NIST IR 7621, Section 2.

49.  Affidavit of Cybersecurity Compliance, sample form, PDF format, to show evidence of compliance with NIST IR 7621, Section 3.

50. Certificate of Storage Drive/Media Sanitization

50.  Certificate of Storage Drive Media Sanitization, sample form, PDF format, to show evidence of storage drive/media data destruction in compliance with NIST SP 800-80r1, Guidelines for Media Sanitization, with optional notary certificate.

51. Affidavit of Correction

51. Affidavit of Correction, sample form, PDF format, to explain document error and correction

52. Affidavit of Common Law Marriage

52. Colorado Affidavit of Common Law Marriage, sample form, PDF format, to create affidavit of common law marriage.

See blog article at English Common Law for Notaries.

53. Oath of Office, Oath for Witness Testimony

53. Colorado Oath of Office, sample form, PDF format, Constitutional Oath of Office for Colorado public officials

54. Oath or Affirmation for Witness Testimony, sample form, PDF format, witness testimony for hearings, mediation, agencies, review boards, administrative panels, etc.

55. Character Reference Letter for U.S. Immigration

55. Character Reference Letter for U.S. Immigration, sample letter from character reference to U.S. Immigration Service, PDF format


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