Notarize Spanish Document with Jurat

Notarize Spanish Document with Jurat

Spanish document juratA Colorado notary may notarize a Spanish document.  A document does not need to be in the English language, but the customer must be able to communicate with the notary.

The notary certificate attached to the Spanish document does not need to be in English if the notary can read the notary certificate.  Otherwise, the notary will need to attach a notary certificate in English.

If the customer needs an Apostille (authentication) from the Secretary of State (SOS), the notary certificate must be in English.


A jurat certificate is attached to a sworn document.  The signer must swear or affirm to the notary that the statements and information in the document are true and correct, and that he/she is signing knowingly and willingly.

The notary verifies the identification of the signer, administers an oath or affirmation to the signer, and should not notarize the document if the signer does not appear to be signing knowingly and willingly.  The signer must sign the document in front of the notary.

A commonly notarized document that uses a jurat is an Affidavit, or declaración jurada or jurada in Spanish.

Below is the Colorado notary certificate form for a jurat, in English and in Spanish.


Note: a Colorado notary public must not use the words notario or notario publico unless the notary is also an attorney in Colorado.  So, in the Spanish document, the English words notary public are used, not notario publico.

State of Colorado
County of El Paso

Subscribed and sworn to, or affirmed, before me this _____ day of __________, 20____,
by ______________________________.
Notary Public Signature
Notary Public Name
My commission expires:
(Notary Seal)

Estado de Colorado
Condado de El Paso

Firmado y jurado o afirmado, ante mí el día _____ de __________ de 20___,
por ______________________________.
Firma del Notary Public
Notary Public Nombre
Mi comisión vence:
(Notary Seal)

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