Notary for Oath or Affirmation

Notary for Oath or Affirmation

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We provide Colorado Springs mobile notary service for many types of transactions requiring a document signer, witness or elected officer to make an oath or affirmation, sworn statement, deposition or affidavit.

Jurat, Oath or Affirmation

The Latin word jurat means sworn.   A document containing facts, information, observations or testimony made by a witness can be made a sworn statement by the signer appearing before a notary public and making an oath or affirmation that the statements on the document are true and correct.

The document must be signed (subscribed) in the presence of the notary.  The notary then completes a notarial certificate known as a jurat, attached to the document, along with the notary signature and notary seal or notary stamp.


An affidavit is a common form of sworn statement, used as evidence for transactions and court cases.

See affidavits, general affidavits

Other types of signed and sworn documents include depositions, verifications, certifications, statements, declarations, and application forms.

Deposition, Telephone Hearing

We can verify identification and administer an oath for depositions, witness testimony, and telephone hearings.

Affidavit Examples

Some examples of affidavits that we can notarize include:

affidavit of domicile, affidavit of residency, occupancy affidavit
inspection affidavit, compliance affidavit
affidavit of eligibility for contests, sweepstakes, events, programs, benefits
affidavit of identity theft, affidavit of lost document
affidavit of lost property, affidavit of destruction
affidavit of completion, affidavit of merit

Oath of Office

An elected or appointed officer of a business, association or a public official may be required to take an oath of office, pledging to follow the law and to be loyal.  For some officials, a Constitutional oath may be required.  No document signature is required, but a signature is taken in the notary journal.

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