SEO Strategies Boost Notary Website Traffic

SEO Strategies Boost Notary Website TrafficSEO Strategies Boost Notary Website Traffic

Multiple search engine optimization SEO strategies may be used to help boost notary website traffic.  Notary website designs range from a basic website template for a one-person local notary business to a large-scale professionally-designed website for a national notary association serving thousands of members across all states.

In-house or Outsourced Website Design and SEO

A business can outsource the work to a qualified vendor to do website design and maintenance, and an internet marketing specialist who knows how to implement approved SEO strategies. Or, a business can use in-house staff members to do the work.

As a self-employed mobile notary, notary blogger, and notary training instructor, I do my own WordPress website and blog design, maintenance, and SEO.

To increase your knowledge of SEO, I recommend watching YouTube videos, taking an internet marketing course, and using marketing tools from SEO guru, Neil Patel.  Neil offers loads of useful free information, tutorials, tools, and paid products and services as well.

Identify Target Markets for SEO Strategies

target market customersI have several target markets, niches, and territories that I want to reach with my website and blog content.  My website pages have content for local mobile notary customers, especially patients in hospitals and nursing homes, senior citizens, and the homebound.

There is also content aimed at businesses that need mobile notaries, including attorneys and financial advisors, and employers that need an agent to complete Form I-9 for new hire remote employees.

There is content for new and renewing notaries who need to complete a state-certified Colorado Notary Training course.

For do-it-yourselfers, there are popular self-help legal forms from government agencies, courts, DMV, and other reputable sources. I do not choose forms or offer legal advice.

For the general public, notaries, attorneys, and researchers, there are over 300 articles that I have researched, written, edited, and published in my Colorado Notary Blog. It attracts thousands of visitors every month from across the country.

My collection of articles on notary history covers a timeline of 5,000 years and includes many unique stories and content not available anywhere else.

Keyword Research for SEO Strategies

keyword research for SEO strategiesFor each target market or niche, I use marketing analytics tools to do keyword research to discover which words and phrases web users and potential customers are seeking the most often.  Then I prioritize and write articles on those popular topics based on the focus keywords.

In WordPress, I use the popular free Yoast SEO plugin to guide me in writing an article that follows SEO best practices.  I insert a few images or graphics related to the article, including image descriptions with target keywords.  Use small-sized images, not high-resolution photos, for fast loading.

Long-Tail Keywords

To reach a wider market, I also write articles on less popular long-tail keywords.  There are fewer readers and potential customers on less popular keyword topics, but there is also less competition or no competition.

For example, I have studied several foreign languages. So, I write blog articles about those specific foreign languages. This attracts customers with foreign language documents that need to be notarized and an apostille before being mailed to a foreign country.

Spelling and Grammar Check

For quality control, the free Grammarly browser extension alerts me to spelling, typing, grammar, and punctuation errors, which I correct before publishing.

Attract Organic Backlinks

backlinkWell-written articles demonstrate your subject matter expertise, build trust, and often attract free unsolicited organic backlinks from other websites rated at your level of MOZ domain authority (DA) or higher.

These are votes of approval that the content is useful or valuable to their reading audience and help to increase my DA rank over time.  Readers introduced to my content may bookmark the website and return to read more content or to do business.

Include Links to Related Content

I insert embedded links to related content and use a WordPress plugin to display related blog posts that may benefit the reader.  Google Search Engine notices when readers are spending dwell time on a web page, meaning that the content is relevant and useful, resulting in a higher ranking in search results.

There is also a search box available on each page so visitors can search the website for any word or phrase of interest.

Conversion Rate

If the goal of a web page is to convert visitors into customers and sales, include a call to action (CTA), fee schedule, about us, contact us, terms of service, and privacy policy page for transparency to build trust.

It is also valuable to include an accessibility statement to welcome people with disabilities, an infection control policy, and information about your environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) policies.

Competitive Research for SEO Strategies

I also do competitive research on other notary industry websites to get ideas for improving my SEO strategies.  I did research and created the organic website traffic report list below of well-known and little-known notary-related websites.

The website traffic report table is ranked by current organic monthly web traffic volume and includes other website metrics such as Domain Authority, organic keywords, and the number of incoming backlinks from referring domains.

Whatever your current rank is on the organic traffic report, you can work to increase your traffic and domain authority by adding useful content to attract more website visitors and potential customers.

Compliance Check

compliance regulations guidelines check boxContent must comply with applicable state and federal laws, required disclaimers, and disclosures, including truth in advertising regulations from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). and state consumer protection laws.

Follow the code of ethical business practices listed in the BBB Standards of Trust and the BBB Code of Advertising.

Do not use unfair methods of competition, false or misleading advertisements, or engage in unfair or deceptive acts or practices.  You may be sued by the government, competitors, or consumers.

Do not make comparative claims to be better, the best, the most, superior, premier, number one, award-winning, fastest service, or lowest priced vendor unless you have reliable, objective, substantiated documentary evidence before making the claim, not customer reviews or testimonials.

If you use affiliate links to earn fees or commissions, you must properly disclose the affiliate relationship in a clear, conspicuous manner.

Blog Comment Policy for SEO Strategies

If you operate a notary blog or forum, moderate the incoming blog comments to delete comment spam and generic comments. Complimentary blog comments like “good article” or “thank you” that do not include your target keywords do not add value or help your SEO. If a reader has a relevant and valuable comment, suggestion, or question, accept it for posting.

Beware of automated spam bots inserting a generic thank you comment and a link to their spam website. We use Akismet and CleanTalk Anti-Spam plugins to automatically block comment spam and contact form spam.

If you post a valuable comment or answer on another blog or forum in your industry, you may be able to include a backlink to your website to increase your SEO. Sometimes a newspaper, magazine, university, or respected authority website will be discussing a notary topic. You can add valuable relevant content and get a backlink from a high domain authority website.

See our article Blog Comment Policy for Better SEO.

Video Marketing for SEO

Some internet marketers like to use YouTube videos to attract traffic by video marketing.  I am turned off by talking heads with big egos who think they are movie stars and focus on themselves in the videos.

Instead, focus on delivering valuable information and content to the viewer.  You can include a photo or two of yourself and your credentials in the introduction if you like.  But, then deliver your high-quality content. Include a written transcript for SEO.

Include user controls that allow the video to be played at different speeds and lower resolutions to prevent buffering on a slow internet connection.  I often play educational videos at fast speed and low-quality resolution to save valuable time.

Google Search Console for Website Analysis

Google Search Console is a free tool I use to study data and trends for visitor traffic and links to my website and blog. It shows which pages and keywords are attracting the most traffic, links, and the geographic locations of the visitors. It reports errors and warnings that need to be corrected to improve search results.

It can also be used to submit new web pages to the search engine for faster indexing.

Business and Notary Directory Listings

business directory local nationalIf you are considering paying for an advertising listing in a business directory or notary directory, first investigate how many organic search visitors view that directory each month.

If it is a national directory, and you have a local business, remember that website visitors located in other cities and states are not prospective customers for your local market.  So, the monthly organic traffic count must be adjusted to give you an estimate of the traffic portion that is specific to your city or state.

You can use the latest U.S. Census Bureau population data to make a traffic estimate.  As of July 1, 2021, the U.S. population was reported as 332 million. For example, the population of Texas was 30 million.  So, Texas represents about 30/332 or 9% of the entire population.  If a national directory has 1,000 organic visitors per month, an estimate is that 9% of inquiries are from Texas or 90 visitors.

Austin, Texas has a population of about 1 million, So, Austin represents about 1/332 or 0.3% of the total U.S. population.  If a national directory has 1,000 organic visitors per month, an estimate is that 0.3% of inquiries are from Austin or 3 visitors.

So, do a cost-benefit analysis. Don’t spend advertising money for a directory listing that receives little or no organic website traffic and generates no business leads or benefit for you.  You may be better off advertising in a local business directory or increasing your own website traffic or optimizing your website for local SEO.

Reader Feedback Welcome

Take a look at the notary website organic traffic report table below.  Please add your useful blog comments, questions, and suggestions below.

Disclaimer: This research data is presented AS IS, with no guarantee of accuracy, ranking, suitability, or timeliness.  The data and rankings change over time. Always confirm data and perform due diligence before making decisions. An entry in this table is not an endorsement or approval of the business that owns the domain name.

Rank Website Domain Name Organic Keywords Organic Monthly Traffic DA Referring Domains
1 (NNA) 105,397 796,964 56 12,422
2 31,984 480,145 50 3,771
3 (AAN) 27,100 100,312 39 2,763
4 19,511 80,084 37 1,685
5 (LSS) 9,341 35,151 39 1,410
6 34,719 29,632 42 3,766
7 18,694 28,554 39 2,851
8 20,504 23,972 34 2,751
9 3,623 22,232 39 2,174
10 16,974 18,932 31 1,014
11 (ASN) 21,226 17,761 39 1,765
12 13,623 14,233 32 1,066
13 8,570 13,696 28 469
14 11,986 10,113 15 446
15 1,342 8,704 27 1,010
16 (PAN) 8,213 8,664 33 931
17 7,573 7,731 22 969
18 7,872 7,504 35 968
19 5,965 5,748 13 384
20 7,033 5,080 26 1,804
21 <<< 7,817 4,047 29 875
22 287 2,451 21 283
23 6,359 2,068 16 256
24 5,565 1,937 27 342
25 2,545 1,701 16 363
26 2,190 1,177 11 247
27 1,567 828 13 106
28 1,670 767 19 283
29 90 705 7 99
30 1,130 573 15 175
31 438 458 15 206
32 1,550 427 17 201
33 443 330 17 29
34 63 298 8 59
35 496 281 21 164
36 629 274 12 141
37 587 243 6 92
38 537 219 11 189
39 1,134 164 13 81
40 1,107 164 14 111
41 94 124 13 135
42 189 106 16 182
43 3,759 100 58 297
44 73 30 3 1
45 58 1 8 58

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