Colorado Notary Reference Documents

notary reference documentsColorado Notary Reference Documents

These notary reference documents contain useful information for Colorado notary education and research.  Colorado notary law is the primary source of information.  A notary reference document may be useful when seeking additional information, explanation, history, or notary best practices. 

Colorado Notary Law, Colorado Law

1.  Colorado SOS Notary Training Slide Presentation, Version 20.0, 2015-05-14, (14 pages, 6 slides per page)
2.  Colorado Notary Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (7 pages)
3.  Colorado Notary Handbook, 2015-10-22, (28 pages) reference guide for Colorado Notaries
4.  Colorado Notary Monograph, (25 pages) notary history and information
5.  Colorado Electronic Notarization, for electronic notary (e-notary) information
6.  Colorado Notary Journal Sample (3 pages)
7.  Reasons to Keep a Colorado Notary Journal, avoid using the journal exception rule
8.  Colorado House Bill HB 12-1274, changes in notary laws, effective August 8, 2012
9.  Colorado Notaries Public Act, Sunset Review 2008
10.  Colorado Secure and Verifiable ID (SVID), 1 page, lists common and uncommon forms of SVID
11.  CRS 24-72.1-101 Colorado Secure and Verifiable Identification Act (SVID), passed 2003
12.  Form M-396, Guide to Selected US Travel and Identity Documents, 2008, (25 pages)
13.  Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS), annotated, from LexisNexis
14.  CRS Title 18 Criminal Code, Offenses- Government Operations
15.  Colorado Navigable Waters, Federal maritime law may apply when waters are used for interstate commerce
16.  Pikes Peak Paralegals Advanced Notary Topics, presentation for Pikes Peak Paralegals Annual Conference, 2016-10-22
17.  Colorado Notary Laws CRS 24-21-501 RULONA 2018 Senate Bill SB 17-132, effective 2018-07-01, postponed from 2017-08-09 by SB 17-294

National Notary Association (NNA) Reference Documents

1.  NNA Model Notary Act of 2010, (MNA), (large document, 162 pages) to minimize potential liability, Notaries must follow Colorado Notary laws, the Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility, and the NNA Model Notary Act of 2010.  Portions of the MNA have been adopted in over 40 US states and territories (see Model Notary Act map).
2.  Correcting Notarial Certificate, Section 9-3, Model Notary Act, procedure for correcting certificate errors and omissions
3.  NNA Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility, summary (6 pages)
4.  NNA Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility, guide book (36 pages)
5.  NNA Employer’s Guide to Managing Notary Employees

Notary Law, Notary Best Practices

1.  Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts, 2010, (RULONA) 64 pages, Uniform Law Commission (ULC), National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL), enacted or introduced as notary law in 5 states, not including Colorado. The previous 1982 version was adopted by 12 states.
2.  Notary Best Practices for Recordable Documents, 2012-03-02, Property Records Industry Association (PRIA)
3.  Notaries Can Say No to Sovereign Citizens, beware of protests, UCC, NNA Bulletin, 2011-01-05, article by Tom Wrosch, OR SOS Office
4.  FBI Report on Sovereign Citizens, 2011-09, FBI Counter-terrorism Analysis Section

Colorado Notary Law History

1.  Colorado Territory map, original 17 counties, Cheyenne Arapahoe Sand Creek Indian Reservation
2.  Colorado Notary Statute History 2021, from Colorado Territory 1861 to present date
3.  Jefferson Territory Notary Laws 1859
4.  Colorado Territory Notary Laws 1861, county notaries were appointed by the Governor
5.  Colorado Territory Notary Statutes 1867
6.  Colorado Territory Notary Documents 1866-1869, sample notary documents from Colorado Territory
7.  Colorado Notary Statutes 1981, repealed and reenacted by Senate Bill 213

Federal Notaries, Military Notaries

1.  Military Notaries 10 US Code 1044a Authority to Act as a Notary
2.  Army Regulation 27-55 Notarial Services, 2003

Native American Tribal Notaries

1. Cherokee Nation Tribal notary laws for Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma

When using a notary reference document, be sure to check for the latest version.  Notary laws change and vary by state.

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