Colorado Notary Database

Colorado Notary Database

To verify the status of a notary public in Colorado, you can use the notary database on Colorado Notary Lawthe Colorado Secretary of State (SOS) website at Colorado Notary database.  Just enter the first and last name of the notary, then click on Submit.  Be sure to use the correct spelling, and do not use nicknames.

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Colorado Notary Database

The online database search results will include notary commissions that were current on or after 01/28/2008.  For information regarding previous and/or expired notary commissions, please contact the SOS office.

Below are sample results for a notary search:

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#    Name             City                                      Zip            Start                  End      Commission Status

1 PIKE, ZEB COLORADO SPRINGS 80903 01/30/2008 01/30/2012 CURRENT
2 PIKE, ZEB COLORADO SPRINGS 80903 01/30/2012 01/30/2016 CURRENT

The status in the notary database will indicate if a notary commission is current, expired, resigned, suspended or revoked.  It provides a city and zip code for the notary, but no contact information.  Notary commissions in Colorado must be renewed every four years.  If the notary has renewed his/her commission, there will be more than one record showing in the report.

Colorado notary training

Be aware that Colorado notary training and a notary exam became a requirement for new or expired notaries in May 2010.  Notaries that were commissioned before May 2010 were grandfathered in under the old laws, and are not required to take the training course or pass the notary exam.

To reduce the risk of mistakes, when using a notary, always ask if they have completed the Colorado notary training course and exam.

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