Identification, Satisfactory Evidence

Identification, Satisfactory Evidence

In Colorado, the customer must provide satisfactory evidence of identification to the Colorado Notary Lawnotary.  Colorado law CRS 12-55-110(4)(b) defines several acceptable methods of identification.

1. The customer is personally known to the notary, not a casual acquaintance or a recognized famous person.

2. The customer shows a current identification card or document, issued by the US federal government, a state government entity or a Native American Tribal ID, containing a photograph and signature of the signer.  This may include a military ID, merchant mariner ID, US passport, government employee ID, driver’s license, state-issued ID, or county issued ID, such as a concealed carry weapons permit.

3. A sworn statement of a credible witness who is personally known to the notary and who states that he/she knows the signer.

Notaries should also use reasonable care to identify a person serving as an agent, trustee, or corporate officer, signing on behalf of another person or entity.

Unacceptable forms of primary identification include a birth certificate, Social Security card, the latest version of military ID (no signature), rent or utility receipts, and ID from Mexico including a Matricula Consular or Border Crossing Card.

Petition ID

Note: Different rules for acceptable forms of identification are used when notarizing an affidavit on a circulated petition under CRS 1-1-104(19.5).  Personal knowledge and a credible witness are not acceptable methods of identification for the petition circulator.  The address on the ID, if shown, must be in Colorado.

Name Discrepancies

The name on the document should be equal to, or less than, not more than, the name on the ID.  For example, if the name on the document is James Andrew Smith, but the name on the ID is James Smith, additional evidence is required to show the middle name of Andrew.

As a secondary ID, some credit cards include a photo and a signature.


As a best practice, the notary should also take a thumbprint of the customer.  This provides evidence that the customer met face to face with the notary, and is a deterrent to criminals.

The primary role of a notary is to prevent fraud.  The notary should use reasonable care to verify the identity of the customer.

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