Travel Consent for Minor Child

travel consent minor child notaryTravel Consent for Minor Child

A Travel Consent for Minor Child is a letter or form completed by a parent or guardian of a minor child, granting permission or authorization to another adult to travel with the minor child.

Forms are available from airlines, cruise lines, travel agencies, tour organizers, field trip organizers, schools, daycare centers, sports teams, youth groups, scout leaders, church groups, band and choir directors, single parent groups, legal form websites, attorneys and other sources.

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To help protect minor children from parental abduction and international child trafficking, when visiting a foreign country, including Canada and Mexico, a lone adult with a minor child should be prepared with the required travel documents to present at border crossings, immigration checkpoints and travel passenger check-in desks.

Sometimes the form will lack a proper notarial certificate, especially if a parent or guardian writes the travel consent letter without any guidance or instructions.

If the form needs to be notarized, it must include a notarial certificate that complies with Colorado notary law.  Most often, an acknowledgment certificate will be needed, to indicate that the signer has read the document, understands its purpose and is signing knowingly and willingly.

Medical Proxy

Some travel consent forms are very brief and other forms are more detailed.  Some forms include medical proxy provisions, allowing the accompanying adult to make decisions regarding medical care for the minor, in the case of an accident, injury, illness or other medical need or emergency occurring during travel.

Bring a copy of the child’s proof of medical insurance coverage.  Check medical insurance coverage details before traveling away from home.

Sample Form

Here is an example of a travel consent form for a minor child.  Contact an attorney for legal advice.

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