Alaska Postmaster, Alaska Notary

Alaska Postmaster, Alaska Notary

An Alaska postmaster is authorized to serve as an Alaska notary.  The authority is given under federal regulations, 39 CFR 222.2 – Authority to administer oaths or function as notaries public.

ABC Legal Docs logo39 CFR 222.2 (c) Authority to function as notaries public.

(1)  Postmasters in Alaska have the authority to administer oaths and affirmations, take acknowledgments and make and execute certificates thereof, and perform all other functions of a notary public within Alaska when a certification is necessary to meet any Act of Congress or the Legislature of Alaska.  No fees may be charged for notarial services.

(2)  An officer or employee who is a notary public shall not charge or receive compensation for notarial services for another officer or employee regarding Government business; nor for notarial services for any person during the hours of the notary’s services to the Government, including the lunch period.

Alaska Notary Law

Alaska Statute AS 44.50.180, Postmasters as Notaries, also authorizes Alaska postmasters as Alaska notaries.

(a)  Each postmaster in the state may perform the functions of a notary public in the state.

(b)  Each official act of a postmaster as a notary public shall be signed by the postmaster, with a designation of the person’s title as postmaster, shall have the cancellation stamp of the post office affixed, and shall state the name of the post office and the date on which the act was done.

(c)  [Repealed, Sec. 14 ch 60 SLA 2005].

(d)  Nothing in this chapter requires a postmaster to post a bond or to have a commission.

Since Alaska is large and sparsely populated, and remote towns may have a post office, but not an Alaska notary, authorizing Alaska postmasters with notary powers helps to serve the public.

Alaska notaries are commissioned by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor at  The website includes links to Alaska notary laws and names of Russian speaking notaries.

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