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We provide Colorado Springs mobile notary service for many types of legal documents involving family law including marriage, marital status, common law marriage, prenuptial agreement, divorce, adoption, parental consent, travel consent for minor, minor emancipation and name change. Direct your legal questions to a family law attorney for legal advice.

Family Law Documents, Marriage, Divorce

affidavit of marital status
affidavit of common law marriage,
note: Colorado Notaries are not authorized by law to solemnize a marriage certificate

prenuptial agreement


Name Change

name change


adoption dossier, adoption documents
(Note: for foreign and international adoptions, allow 12 months before notary commission expiration date)
support for adoption agencies
Bethany adoption services

Family Law Documents, Parents and Minors

parental consent, parental permission
parental liability release for minor participating in school sports teams
parental liability release for minor participating in school activities, field trips
travel consent for child/minor, affidavit for minor travel
affidavit of consent for health care for minor
medical power of attorney for minor
minor emancipation
affidavit of a minor
credible witness for a minor with no identification card
guardianship/conservatorship for a minor

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