Notary Application, Colorado

Notary Application, Colorado

To become a Colorado Notary Public, you must follow the notary application requirements of Colorado Notary LawColorado law, CRS 12-55-104.

Notary Application Requirements

1.  Be a Colorado resident, with a residence and business address in Colorado.
2.  Be at least 18 years old.
3.  Be able to read and write the English language.
4.  Agree to comply with Colorado notary laws.
5.  Not have a felony conviction in your lifetime.
6.  Not have a misdemeanor conviction involving dishonesty during the last five years.
7.  Never had a notary commission revoked.
8.  Before becoming a notary or renewing your commission, you must carefully read the Colorado Notaries Public Act.
9.  Since May 1, 2010, all new and expired notaries must complete a state-approved Colorado Notary Training class and pass the open book Colorado Notary Exam.
10.  Be a US citizen, or a Permanent Resident, or otherwise lawfully present under federal law.
11.  Pay an application fee of $10 to the Colorado Secretary of State (SOS).
12.  Have the affirmation of office form notarized.
13.  Submit the application form and supporting documents online to the SOS.
14.  Submit an application every four years to renew the notary commission.

The SOS will process the notary application and send an email when the application is approved.  The notary may then retrieve his/her notary commission certificate online, from a password protected account.  The certificate will contain the notary ID number and expiration date.  Then the notary can order a notary stamp and journal.

Colorado is similar to most other states that appoint notaries to a commission of four years.  A few states have notary commissions that are shorter or longer than four years.

Note: Effective December 16, 2013, the notary application process changed from a paper process to an electronic process.

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