Legal Forms in Spanish, Formas Legales en Español

Legal Forms in SpanishLegal Forms in Spanish, Formas Legales en Español


Some legal form publishing companies, businesses, and government agencies now offer selected legal forms in Spanish.

Legal Forms in Spanish

Power of Attorney Forms

General Power of Attorney, Carta Poder General
Limited Power of Attorney, Carta Poder Limitada
Power of Attorney for Health Care, Carta Poder para Atencion Medica

Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament, Ultima Voluntad y Testamento

Other Forms

Bill of Sale, Contrato de Compraventa de Bienes Personales


Employment Application, Solicitud de Empleo
Agreement with Independent Contractor, Acuerdo con un Contratista Independiente

Real Estate

Contract for Sale & Purchase of Real Estate – No Broker, Contrato de Compraventa de Inmueble/Propiedad – Sin Intermediaria o Agente
Residential Property Disclosure and Disclaimer Statement, Declaracion de Descargo de Responsabilidad y Descripcion de una Propiedad Residencial

Landlord Tenant Forms

Residential Lease Agreement, Contrato de Arrendamiento de Vivienda
Residential Lease Application, Solicitud de Arrendamiento de Vivienda
Notice of Termination of Residential Lease, Aviso de Rescision/Terminacion de Contrato de Arrendamiento de Vivienda
Notice to Pay Rent or Surrender Premises, Intimacion al Pago de la Renta o Entrega de la Posesion del Inmueble

Colorado Court Legal Forms in Spanish

Spanish language map United StatesThe Colorado Court system has been translating some court forms and instructions from English to Spanish. See

All forms must be completed in English pursuant to Colorado law, per CRS 13-1-120.

Title 13 Courts and Court Procedure § 13-1-120 Proceedings in English–abbreviations

Every written proceeding in a court of justice in this state, or before a judicial officer, shall be in the English language, but such abbreviations as are now commonly used in that language may be used, and numbers expressed by figures or numerals in the customary manner.

Spanish language court forms and instructions include:
Formularios e instrucciones por categoría:

Adoption, Adopciones
Appeals, Apelaciones
Bonds, Fianzas
Criminal Law, Derecho penal
Divorce, Family Matters, Civil Unions, Divorcio, asuntos de familia, uniones civiles
Filing Fees, Costos de tramitación
Garnishments & Judgments, Embargos y fallos
Guardian & Conservator, Tutor y curador
Housing (Evictions, Foreclosures, and Unauthorized Persons Removal), Vivienda (desalojos, ejecuciones hipotecarias y personas no autorizadas)
Identity Theft, Robo de identidad
Miscellaneous, Varios
Money Cases, Casos de dinero
Name Change, Cambio de nombre
Protection Orders, Órdenes de protección
Seal My Case, Sellar mi causa
Small Claims, Reclamos menores
Trusts, Estates, Wills, Fideicomisos, propiedades, testamentos
Water, Agua

Colorado Legal Services in Spanish

Colorado Legal Services offers help in Spanish for low-income residents about legal rights, the law and courts, legal forms and more.

Family and children, Familia y niños
Housing, Vivienda
Consumer Editions, Ediciones de consumidor
Elder Law, Ley del anciano
Health Law, Ley de salud
Government Benefits, Beneficios del Gobierno
Employment, Empleo

Civil Rights, Derechos civiles
Business Law, Derecho empresarial
Migrant workers, Trabajadores migrantes
Immigration, Inmigración
Juvenile, Juvenil
Taxes, Impuestos

See brochure Colorado Legal Services in Spanish.

Note: A Colorado Notary Public is NOT a Notario Publico

In Latin America, the law is derived from the Roman legal system.  A notario publico is a civil law notary, studies law, and provides legal services, like an attorney.

But, in Colorado, the law is derived from English common law.  A Colorado notary public is NOT a civil law notary, does not go to law school, and may not provide legal services, unless the notary is also licensed as an attorney.  A Colorado notary who is not a licensed attorney may not use the title of notario publico.

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