Colorado Senior Law Handbook

Colorado Senior Law Handbook

The Colorado Senior Law Handbook is an annual consumer-oriented guide that addresses many issues facing Colorado’s senior citizens.

The book helps seniors understand, in plain English, the pros and cons Colorado Lawof supplementary health insurance, insurance for long term care and how to compare and choose policies. Information about Medicare and Medicaid and what they will and won’t provide is given in easy-to-read detail. There are detailed resource lists of agencies and services readers can use to get information and assistance. Glossaries at the end of every chapter explain important legal terms.

Colorado Senior Law Handbook

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Social Security Benefits
Chapter 2: Medicare
Chapter 3: Health Insurance Beyond Medicare
Chapter 4: Medicaid
Chapter 5: Government Programs and Financial Assistance
Chapter 6: Veterans’ Benefits
Chapter 7: Long-Term Care Insurance
Chapter 8: Financial Difficulty for Seniors
Chapter 9: Employment Discrimination
Chapter 10: Workers’ Compensation and Seniors
Chapter 11: Arm Yourself with Consumer Protection Information
Chapter 12: Protecting Yourself from Crime
Chapter 13: Family Relationships
Chapter 14: Grandparent Custody and Visitation Issues
Chapter 15: Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts, and Your Property
Chapter 16: Estate and Succession Planning for Farmers and Ranchers
Chapter 17: Annuities
Chapter 18: Philanthropy and Planned Giving
Chapter 19: Estate Planning for Non-Traditional Families
Chapter 20: Reverse Mortgages
Chapter 21: Assisted Living and Nursing Home Issues
Chapter 22: Hospital Discharge Planning: Advocating for Seniors’ Medicare Rehabilitation Benefits
Chapter 23: Powers of Attorney
Chapter 24: Medical Advance Directives
Chapter 25: Conservatorship of Adults
Chapter 26: Guardianship of Adults
Chapter 27: Hospice and Palliative Care: Options for Care at the End of Life
Chapter 28: What to Do When Someone Dies: Responsibilities of the Personal Representative and Trustee Under Probate
Chapter 29: Family Discussions, Decisions, and Dispute Resolution
Chapter 30: Programs, Services, and Resources for Older Adults
Chapter 31: Aging in Place: Maintaining Your Independence at Home
Chapter 32: Lifelong Learning and the Aging Brain
Appendix A: Glossary
Appendix B: Legal Resources
Appendix C: Senior Law Day Sponsors

The free Senior Law handbook, over 400 pages, was compiled by the Elder Law and Trust and Estate Sections of the Colorado Bar Association. The handbook is available online at Colorado Senior Law Handbook.

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