Colorado Notary Training, Required Elements

Colorado Notary Training, Required Elements

Since May 1, 2010, all new and expired Colorado notaries are required to complete a state-approved Colorado Notary Training class.  Notaries that were commissioned before that date are grandfathered in and are not required to take the training class.  But, it is a smart idea to complete the notary training to learn proper notary procedures to avoid notary mistakes.

Colorado Notary LawThe Colorado Secretary of State (SOS) defines the training rules and the required topics to be taught in the training class.  The required elements from the Colorado Notaries Public Act of the Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS) include, but are not limited to:

1.  physical presence requirement CRS 12-55-110 (4)(a)
2.  duty not to notarize a document that is blank CRS 12-55-110 (3)
3.  duty to use a notarial certificate CRS 12-55-112, -119
4.  disqualifying interest CRS 12-55-110 (2)
5.  application procedures CRS 12-55-104
6.  resignation requirements CRS 12-55-115
7.  duty to maintain a journal of notarial acts CRS 12-55-111
8.  revocation proceedings CRS 12-55-107
9.  liability CRS 12-55-116
10.  identification of signers CRS 12-55-110 (4) (b)
11.  role of the Notary CRS 12-55-110
12.  official misconduct CRS 12-55-116
13.  notarizations for the elderly CRS 12-55-110.5
14.  duty to use compliant notary seal CRS 12-55-112 (2)

The training must also include instructions regarding widely accepted best practices. The training class vendor has the discretion to determine which best practices will be included.

Notary Training Method Choices

We offer state-approved Colorado Notary Training classes to prepare you to take the Colorado notary exam.  The classes are available as live classroom training open to the publicprivate classes at your location, live teleconference training, and an online self-study course. Self-study allows you to choose the time, and works best for distance learning, to avoid driving, or when your schedule does not allow you to attend a live training class.

Colorado Based Instructor

When choosing a notary training vendor, look for an instructor based in Colorado, who is an experienced mobile Colorado Notary Public and Notary Signing Agent (NSA).  Some training vendors are not located in Colorado, and the instructors are not Colorado mobile notaries or notary signing agents.

Make sure the course includes a thorough notary training booklet that you can use after class is over.  Some courses only include a few slides or maybe nothing to take home after the video training is over.

We provide students with a detailed training booklet and reference guide with 36 pages of valuable notary information, including: Colorado notary laws, best practices from the National Notary Association (NNA), notary history, frequently asked questions (FAQs), recommendations for notary supplies, ideas for generating income with a mobile notary business, notary associations and notary forum websites, notary signing agent (NSA) training providers, and bonus information on notarizing a last will in Colorado.

We provide ongoing support for our notary students by phone or email. Notaries may also order notary supplies on our website.

Visit our website for Colorado Springs Mobile Notary services or Colorado Notary Training classes.

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