Bill of Sale for Personal Property, Notarized

bill of sale personal propertyBill of Sale for Personal Property, Notarized

We provide Colorado Springs mobile notary services to notarize a bill of sale for personal property.

Types of personal property include household goods, furniture, appliances, audio/video equipment, TVs, cameras, computers, smartphones, tools, equipment, lawn mowers, sporting goods, bikes, books, collections, artwork, jewelry, furs, clothing, supplies, dogs, other pets and some types of livestock.

Buyers and sellers often find a personal property bill of sale legal form on the internet. Use caution, some forms may lack important clauses or may be written for a specific state, or lack a notarial certificate.

Notarial Certificate

The bill of sale may include a certified or sworn statement from the seller that the description, condition, and ownership of the personal property are true and correct and a warranty that the title is free and clear of liens and encumbrances.  This helps to protect the buyer from purchasing personal property with hidden problems.

A jurat notarial certificate is included to take a sworn oath or affirmation from the seller that the statements made are true and correct, under penalty of perjury.

An acknowledgment notarial certificate is included for the buyer to acknowledge that he/she understands and is agreeing to buy the personal property described, according to the disclosures, disclaimersprice, and terms stated. The buyer should inspect the property carefully before buying to determine the condition, value, and suitability for the buyer’s needs.

Sample Form, Notarized Bill of Sale for Personal Property

Here is a sample notarized Colorado form for Bill of Sale for Personal Property, Notarized.   For educational use.  Use at your own risk.

For a motor vehicle, see our sample Colorado Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has a sample bill of sale for boats, snowmobiles, off-highway vehicles.

Sample Form, Notarized Bill of Sale for Livestock

Colorado laws and regulations require that livestock (including cattle, calves, horses, mules, donkeys, burros and, when requested, sheep), whether or not they are branded, must be inspected before any change of ownership, or before transport for sale or slaughter. The seller/transporter is responsible for contacting the district brand inspector to schedule an inspection. See CRS 35-53-105.

Here is a sample form for Colorado Notarized Bill of Sale for Livestock per Colorado law CRS 35-54-103.

Using a notarized form helps to prevent fraud. The notary will check photo identification of the buyer and seller and record the transaction and signatures in the notary journal.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational information only, and is not to be used or considered as legal advice.  Buyers and sellers should make sure that any form used complies with the latest state and federal laws.  If you have any questions, contact an attorney.

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