Acknowledgment Definition

Acknowledgment Definition

An acknowledgment certificate is one of the most common notary certificates attached to a Colorado Notary Lawdocument.  It indicates that the signer understood the purpose of the document, signed knowingly and voluntarily, without coercion or duress, and the notary verified the ID and awareness of the signer.  The signer did not make any sworn statement regarding the truth or accuracy of the contents of the document.

Best Practice for Acknowledgment, Sign in Notary Presence

It is a best practice to sign the document in front of the notary but is not required for an acknowledgment.  If the signer has already signed the document, the notary must ask the signer to confirm that he/she signed the document previously, and the notary should compare the document signature with the signature on the photo identification.

Acknowledgments are attached to many documents including real estate deeds, powers of attorney, living wills, contracts, leases, agreements, permission approvals, releases, settlements, and assignments.

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