WordProof Timestamp Records WordPress Content on Blockchain

WordProof Timestamp WordPress BlockchainWordProof Timestamp Records WordPress Content on Blockchain

WordProof Timestamp is a plugin that can record WordPress content, including blog posts and web pages, and their computed hash values, onto a blockchain.

It serves as a user-friendly WordPress to blockchain bridge, delivering the benefits of blockchain to the WordPress community. Unlike other similar plugins, WordProof does not use a centralized middle layer.

Only the timestamp and the hash value of the content are recorded, not the actual content.

WordProof Timestamp Beta Testing

We were one of the first websites to install, test, and use the plugin during beta testing by volunteers from the WordPress and EOS.IO blockchain communities. We provided our feedback to the application development team at Van Ons, a WordPress agency based in Amsterdam.

WordProof plans to do a massive product launch on June 22nd at WordCamp Europe in Berlin. The founder, Sebastiaan van der Lans, will be a keynote speaker, with his presentation titled “From WordPress to Blockchain: the Future is 100% Open Source”.  Van Ons previously built a free WordPress GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance plugin to simplify website compliance with European Union consumer data protection and privacy regulations.

We installed plugin version 0.6.3, released on June 4th. Thanks to feedback from other beta testers, it already includes a built-in wizard that guides new blockchain users to easily create a blockchain account and private key wallet. The major plug-in changes made as a result of testing have been improvements to the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) during installation and timestamping.

blockchain Telos EOS logo

We used the wizard to set up a free account with a 12-character alphanumeric name on the Telos blockchain, a sister chain of EOS.  We carefully saved the 4 keys created in the LastPass password vault and a Sentry fireproof safe for backup.

Special thanks to the Telos Foundation for co-funding a first version of WordProof via their Worker Proposal System.

Scatter Desktop

We then downloaded and installed the free Scatter Desktop software.  Mobile app versions for Android and iOS are in development.  Scatter is a blockchain digital signature provider and wallet. It is used for connecting to decentralized applications (dapps) and as a way to safely store keys locally. Scatter does not give dapps direct access to keys, but via signed transactions.

Scatter currently offers access to the EOS, Tron, and Ethereum blockchains with built-in support for the Telos and WORBLI networks. Support for other blockchains and networks is planned.

Blockchain Timestamp from WordPress Dashboard

Using Scatter and our Telos account, we then selected a recent blog post on our site and clicked the WordProof Timestamp button. The plug-in computed a hash value for our post, published a record on the Telos blockchain, signaled completion, and created a pop-up timestamp certificate as evidence of completion.

The immutable record published on the blockchain includes the author name, and the hash value of the content, with the web link to the WordPress content noted in the memo section.  Telos posts the block in 0.5 seconds, much quicker than some slower blockchains. The block record can be viewed on the blockchain by anyone using a blockchain explorer tool.

WordProof Timestamp certificate

WordProof Timestamp Features

The free version of the plug-in creates a timestamp for posts and pages, a customized certificate link, and a front-end timestamp certificate pop-up.

The Premium Version, with an annual license fee, adds custom white-label pop-up design, an overview of timestamps, version management, and bulk timestamps.

The Enterprise Version adds user management, two-person authorization, and corporate governance.

WordProof Timestamp is open source software, available in the WordPress.org Plugin repository at https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordproof-timestamp/

You can follow WordProof news on their Twitter and Telegram channels.

Timestamp Uses

Timestamps with hash values on a blockchain provide proof of existence evidence that certain WordPress content, published on a certain website, existed at a certain time. This can be useful to establish the first publication date in cases of copyright infringement.

Stored hash values can also confirm content integrity to prove the content has not been revised, corrupted or tampered with.

In addition to timestamping articles and blog posts at the publishing source, other web content may benefit from timestamps including Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, contracts, agreements, fee schedules, price lists, public notices, press releases, meeting minutes, history, logs, manifests, reports, and more.

As WordProof users become familiar with the blockchain ecosystem, the plugin should create an easy bridge for onboarding many new users to the blockchain, especially the Telos and EOS blockchains.

As an electronic notary public and notary training instructor, I am researching potential use cases for recording timestamps of legal documents, evidence, and notary records on the blockchain.

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