Use Flattest Route to Avoid Hills

Use Flattest Route to Avoid Hills

Flattest Route slope elevation graphFlattest Route is a free web application. It is a tool for showing changes in slope and elevation along a route, so you can see where there are hills, mountains, dips and valleys.

You can choose to avoid hills and steep slopes if you are driving, walking, jogging or biking. It can be useful for motorists to help improve safety by avoiding steep hills that may be covered in snow or ice, and possible traffic accidents in winter.

Avoiding steep hills may also improve gas mileage and reduce brake wear.

View Slope and Elevation Graphs

Flattest Route uses maps and elevation data from Google Maps. Enter your starting and destination address for your route. Choose your mode of travel: bicycling, walking or driving. A route will be displayed, with total distance and travel time, along with an elevation and slope profile graph of the route (see image above).

The route profile graph shows the rising and falling slopes along the route. Drag your mouse across the graph to see the data for a specific point on the route.

Flattest Route legendNote: Flattest Route does not automatically find the flattest route. It is a useful manual tool for the user to view and analyze the slope and elevation along a selected route. The user can drag and drop points along the route to check an alternate route, to see which route is the flattest.

The selected route is displayed using a color code (see legend insert) on road segments to show the road grade, also called slope, incline, or gradient. For example, a grade of 5% is a rise of 5 vertical feet per 100 horizontal feet.

The slope difficulty rating is based on pedestrian or bicycle travel. But, a motorist could avoid blue, red and black road segments to avoid steep hills, if an alternate route is available.

Note: maximum grades on highways through Colorado mountain passes range from 3% to 9%. City and rural roads in hillside areas may be much steeper.

Flattest Route was developed and user tested by coder Zivi Weinstock as a final project at Hackbright Academy, while trying to find the flattest way, navigating the steep hills of San Francisco.

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