USB Mini Fan for Notebook PC

USB mini fan
USB Mini Fan for Notebook PC

A USB Mini Fan is a useful accessory to keep a notebook/laptop PC cool.  Heat is the enemy of electronic equipment.  Keeping your notebook PC cool will extend the operating life of the equipment.

4-inch USB Mini Fan

A USB Mini Fan is a small, inexpensive fan, about 4 inches in diameter, powered by 5 Volts DC from a USB port, sits on your desk and can be aimed and tilted to create airflow that will carry heat away from your PC to provide cooling.  The air circulation also keeps dust from settling on your keyboard.

I place my laptop PC on a metal cake rack to elevate it above the desk surface.  I use a USB Mini Fan to blow air under the notebook PC.  The fan also provides air circulation for the room.  It is quiet and takes little power to operate, 2.5 Watts, much less power than a larger 12-inch, 50 Watt desk fan.

It includes an on/off switch and a 1.2 meter power cord with USB connector.  Dimensions are about 6″ wide x 6″ tall x 3″ deep.

Operating Above Room Temperature

For electronic equipment, a ten-degree rise in operating temperature can shorten the life of the equipment by one half.  Consumer grade and office grade equipment is designed to operate at room temperature, not higher temperature.  Military grade and ruggedized industrial equipment is designed with special components to operate in higher and lower temperature environments.  There is free software available to monitor the internal temperature of your PC at various points inside the case.

Cost Under $10

You can buy a USB Mini Fan online for under $10 on Ebay, Amazon or Walmart.  You can also use the fan in your car if you have a USB adapter.  This is useful if you want to use your notebook PC while parked in a hot car, and you don’t have air conditioning.

Always provide adequate cooling for your notebook PC.  Never operate it on a fabric surface like a bed, blanket, pillow or carpet, since that can suck in dirt and lint, block the airflow, and cause overheating.  If you use a notebook PC on your lap, place it on a laptop shield, not directly on your clothing. A laptop shield blocks electromagnetic force (EMF) radiation and diffuses heat.

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