Security Now with Steve Gibson

Security Now with Steve Gibson

Security Now Steve Gibson 128x128Security Now“, is a weekly computer security oriented talk radio program.  Recorded shows are available by free podcast subscription or by downloading a netcast from, Leo Laporte‘s netcasting network, named after its flagship program, This Week in Tech.

Steve Gibson is President and Founder of Gibson Research Corporation, a long-time computer software developer, publisher, and security expert.

Computer Security

Each week on Security Now, Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte discuss computer security issues.  Programs are about two hours long.  Some shows focus on recent computer security issues in the news, other shows focus on long-standing security problems, concerns or solutions.

I have been a long-time listener to the program and have learned a lot of useful computer tips for improving security and privacy.  I often listen to Security Now netcasts while doing work on my computer, rather than listening to music.

Program Topics

Often, Security Now provides information and answers to computer security questions and problems I have experienced.  Some security topics discussed include:

Heartbleed Security Bug
Perfect Forward Secrecy
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Using Strong Passwords
Best Password Manager Vault Software
Internet Security and Privacy
Wi-Fi Security
TrueCrypt Software
Encryption and Decryption Software
Best Cloud Storage for Security and Privacy
Best Web Browser for Security and Privacy
Best Email Software for Security and Privacy
many more topics

Keep up to date with computer news and information.  I recommend listening to Security Now with Steve Gibson for useful tips for home computer users and small business owners.

Also, take a look at the many other useful tech programs available on the TWIT website.  Listen live or download the podcasts.  You can search for topics of interest.

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