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PaperKarma is a free phone app to be eco-friendly and stop junk mail at home or in a green business.

US households receive about 850 pieces of unwanted mail each year.  Rather than waste energy, transportation costs, trees, paper, printing, ink, and postage to receive unwanted mail, stop the delivery at the source.  No need to recycle junk mail.

Go green, help the environment, use PaperKarma® to easily take control of your home or business mailbox.  Unsubscribe from catalogs, magazines, credit card offers, and junk mail solicitations for unwanted products and services.  Save your time sorting incoming mail.  Save time driving to recycling centers.

Using PaperKarma Phone App

The free app enables you to simply snap a picture of your unwanted mail on your smartphone, press Send, and get unsubscribed.  That’s it!

Just snap a photo, including your name, address and the return address, to make your unwanted mail go away.   It doesn’t work as well if the junk mail is addressed to occupant, resident or neighbor.

PaperKarma will contact the sender and request that your name be removed from their mailing list.  You will receive a status message when the unsubscribe request is pending and when completed.

In some cases, if you want to receive the mail, you may switch from paper mail to e-mail.

PaperKarma® can stop most unwanted mail that is addressed directly to you.  The process usually takes several weeks to complete.  You can always use the app to check on the status of your unsubscribe requests.

Download the free phone app at

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