Notary Journal Comparison

notary journal comparisonNotary Journal Comparison

Notaries may choose a notary journal from several sources, including a local office supply store, or on the website of a notary association, or an online notary supply store.  Some notary instructors sell notary journals in the notary training class.

The comparison chart below helps notaries choose a journal that best suits their needs.  A notary journal must comply with state notary laws, so be sure to read your laws before your purchase.

State Laws on Keeping a Notary Journal

Some states require notaries to keep a journal, some do not.  Even if a journal is not required in your state, it is wise to keep a notary journal.  It provides evidence that the notary is using reasonable care for each transaction.  It provides useful information in case there are future questions about a transaction.

A journal is not expensive, and it holds hundreds of transactions, so cost is not a burden or excuse for not keeping a journal.

A journal should be tamper-resistant to prevent pages from being added or removed.  Loose pages kept in a 3-ring binder or a spiral notebook is not a secure notary journal.  Sequential page numbering and sequential transaction numbering are useful security features.  A thumbprint is a useful security feature, where allowed by state law.

Acid-free archival grade paper should be used for long-term storage and preservation of paper records.  Archived journals should be stored in a controlled environment, protected from high temperature, high humidity, light, water, contamination, pets, and pests, following best practices for paper records used by archives and museums.

The notary journal should be kept secure at all times.  It may be kept in a fireproof, waterproof safe.  Some states require that notary journals must be delivered to the state notary regulator when the notary’s career is over.  Before turning in your journal, make a copy to keep for your records, in case a question arises.

Colorado Notary Journal Requirements

Colorado notary law CRS 12-55-111 requires the following information to be recorded in the notary journal, at the time of notarization:

date of notarial act
type of act (oath, affirmation, acknowledgment, certified copy)
title or type of document
document date, if different from date of notarization
name and address of signer
signature of signer
name and address of any witnesses
signature of any witnesses
any other information the notary considers appropriate

The Colorado Secretary of State (SOS) recommends taking a thumbprint in the journal for all signers, as a best practice to prevent fraud.  To prevent identity theft, do not record the full ID number of the signer in the journal.  Only record the last 4 digits.

Cover Photos

AAN notary journal
American Association of Notaries (AAN)

Dome notary journal
Dome Publishing

NLI notary journal
Notary Law Institute (NLI)

NNA Notary Journal
National Notary Association (NNA)

Notary Rotary modern notary journal
Notary Rotary

Notary Journal Comparison Table

Notary Journal Comparison
American Association of NotariesDome PublishingNational Notary AssociationNotary Law InstituteNotary Rotary
Cover TitleNotary Public Record Book, National EditionNotary Public Record BookOfficial Journal of Notarial ActsJournal of Notary Public ServicesModern Journal of Notarial Events
Product Number71588005350010101007
Website Price$15.95$17.30$16.95$15.00$15.95
Size, width x height x thickness11 x8-1/2 x1/410-1/2 x8-1/4 x3/1610-7/8 x8-1/4 x5/168-1/4 x10-7/8 x3/1611 x8-1/2 x5/16
Weight12.2 oz6.7 oz12.8 oz7.8 oz15.2 oz
Cover Colormaroonmaroonbrownblueblue
Binding Typeperfectsewnsewnsewn perfectsewn
Information pages65555
Transaction entry pages1045812262122
Entry page span22212
Entries per page1418858
Total transaction entries728522488310488
Cost per entry0.0220.0330.0350.0480.033
Column Headings
Type of Notarizationxxxxx2
Address where performed--x--
Document Descriptionx1xxxx3
Document Datexxxxx
Signer Namexxxxx
Signer Addressxxxxx
Signer ID Typexxxxx
Additional Informationx1-xxx
Notary Feexxxxx
Signer Signaturexxxxx
Signer Thumbprintxxx-x
Reference #----x
Fee paid?----x
Additional Features
batch entries, for signing agents----x4
sequential entry numbersx--x-
sequentially numbered pagesxxxxx
notary name, contact infoxxxxx
symbols, abbreviations--x-x
instructions for notary's death--x-x
other notary notes--x-x
instructions for making entriesxxxxx
x1 shared box for document description/additional information
x2 check box for notarization type, Acknowledgement, Jurat, Certified Copy
x3 check box for document type, compliance agmt, correction agmt, DOT/mortgage, Deed-G/QC/W, E&O, Occ Aff, Own Aff, POA- L/D, Proof of ID Aff, Sig/Name Aff, Survey Aff, Adv Health Dir, Trust- Irr/Living, Will- LWT/Living, SDB Verification, Vehicle- O+VIN/TT, Other
x4 journal is designed with check boxes to indicate multiple documents per entry line, designed for real estate signing agents, some states do not allow multiple documents per entry, a separate line is required for each document, check your state laws

Which Notary Journal Do You Use?

Readers: Please leave a comment stating which journal you use and why.
Thank you.

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