Notary Fees

Notary Fees

In Colorado, the maximum notary fees that a notary may charge are limited by law.  Colorado Colorado Notary Lawstatute CRS 12-55-121(1) limits the maximum notary fees to $5 for each document attested by a person, when a paper document is used, or for other notary transactions not using an electronic notary.

Acknowledgment, Jurat, Certified Copy

The most common notarized transactions are acknowledgments and jurats.  Notaries may also make certified copies and may make a copy or certificate of a notary journal entry.  There are also a few other notary powers authorized by law.

Some notary transactions do not involve a signature on a document.  A notary may administer an oath or affirmation of office for an elected or appointed officer of the government, an association or a business.  A notary may also place a witness under oath or affirmation before they give testimony for a hearing, telephone hearing, affidavit or deposition.

Notaries may also take a deposition, complete a protest and notice of dishonor for negotiable instruments, and complete a proof of execution, but these are rarely done and require advanced knowledge.

Electronic Notarization

For an electronic notarization, an e-notary may charge a maximum fee of $10 per notarization, per CRS 12-55-121(2).

Travel Fee

Mobile notaries may charge a reasonable travel fee, agreed to in advance.  Notary fees for travel are not regulated by law in Colorado.  Some other states regulate travel fees.

Non-notarial Services, Form I-9

Some notaries may offer other services, such as assistance with processing an apostille or authentication, providing real estate loan signing services as a signing agent, document printing, scanning or copying, document shipping or delivery, completing ID verification of new hire employees for USCIS Form I-9, and various field inspection and field photography services.

When offering services as an independent contractor, the service fees are not regulated by notary law.

Foreign Language Fee Schedule

If a notary advertises in a language other than English, the notary must post the fee schedule in English and the foreign language.

Notary fees vary by state.  Colorado notaries must not exceed the maximum fees allowed by law.  Some businesses, such as banks, may offer free notary services.

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