Notarized Mailing Records, Delivery Records

Notarized Mailing Records, Delivery Records

We offer Colorado Springs mobile notary service to create notarized records for shipping and mailing records, delivery, ABC Legal Docs logopersonal service, posting, and process server documents.  We also offer document shipping and mailing services.

Mailing Records

Shipping and mailing documents may include:
bill of lading
shipping order
shipping authorization
shipping list
shipping manifest
cargo manifest
certificate of mailing
certified mail
Affidavit of Mailing
Affidavit of Email
Affidavit of Non-Response
delivery confirmation

Process Server Records

Process server documents may include:
affidavit of posting notice
affidavit of publication
documents for evictions
civil court
small claims court
Affidavit of Service
Affidavit Regarding Due Diligence

Shipping, Mailing Service

We can print and copy, pick up, drop off, pack, label and ship documents in the Colorado Springs area from a residence, attorney, law firm, doctor, medical facility, clinic, business or government office address, for delivery by the US Postal Service, FedEx or UPS.  We can provide a tracking number and an Affidavit of Mailing.  We are not a courier service and do not provide start to end delivery service.

We can ship to a foreign country for Apostille processing services.

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