Reasons to Use a Mobile Notary

Reasons to Use a Mobile Notary

As a Colorado Springs Mobile Notary, I meet a variety of people that need or choose a mobile notary to travel to their location.  I frequently travel to hospitals, nursing homes, and ABC Legal Docs logoassisted living centers, for patients and residents that are unable to travel.  But, I also meet with people that are in good health and able to drive but need or choose the services of a mobile notary.

Here are some of the reasons people use a mobile notary:

Benefits of Using a Mobile Notary

1. Convenience: We drive to your location, by appointment, at a time that fits your schedule.
2. Save time: No waiting in line. No driving to a location only to find no notary available or unable to help.
3. Privacy: No other people waiting in line watching or listening to your private transaction.
4. Experience: We have training, certifications, knowledge, and experience to assist with notary transactions for a wide variety of legal documents.  We often get called when other inexperienced notaries can’t handle an unusual situation.
5. Choice of location: We can meet at your home, workplace, office, government office, hospital, nursing home, military base, bank, lender, title company, real estate office, insurance agent, attorney, law firm, accountant, adoption agency, hotel, airport, restaurant, coffee shop, etc.

Situations Requiring a Traveling Notary

Here are some of the situations where a mobile notary can help:

1. Patients confined to a hospital, medical facility, hospice, nursing home or assisted living facility due to illness, injury, disability or old age.
2. People unable to leave home due to illness, injury, disability, old age, agoraphobia or obesity.
3. Choose to have a notary come to their home or workplace for convenience, saving time, or privacy.
4. Need a notary in the evening, or on the weekend or a holiday, when other notary businesses are closed.
5. Military service members under orders to stay at a certain location or area.
6. Inmates confined to a jail or prison.
7. Travelers, visitors, and truckers needing a notary to come to the airport, hotel, motel, coffee shop, restaurant or truck stop.
8. Witnesses needing to be placed under oath at home or work to give testimony in a telephone hearing.
9. Businesses, associations or HOAs needing a notary to attend a meeting to swear in officers with an oath of office or to notarize minutes of meetings.
10. Law firms needing notarized signatures from clients and medical records custodians.
11. Mortgage lenders and title companies needing signatures on real estate transactions and loan signings.
12. Banks and lenders needing signatures on auto loan signings.
13. Adoption agencies needing notarized signatures from clients.
14. Businesses needing notarized signatures from employees for contracts, leases, patents, affidavits, lawsuits.
15. Structured settlement companies needing notarized signatures for settlements, annuities, insurance, prizes.
16. New hire remote employees needing Form I-9 ID verification for an employer in another state.
17. Government agencies needing notarized signatures for applications, forms, sworn statements.
18. Employees unable to leave the workplace due to job duties or busy schedule.

We enjoy meeting and helping our customers in all kinds of situations.

Call us when you need a Colorado Springs Mobile Notary or Colorado Notary Training.

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