Jurat Definition

Jurat Definition

Jurat is a Latin word for “sworn” or “to swear”.  Two different types of jurat notary certificates are attached to documents when the signer is making a sworn statement.

If the notary Colorado Notary Lawcertificate says “sworn to before me” or an oath is indicated on the document, the signer is making an oath, which is a sworn statement before God.

If the notary certificate says “affirmed before me”, the signer is making an affirmation, which is a statement made on the signer’s personal honor.

True and Correct

In either case, the signer is declaring that the statements and information in the document are true and correct, to the best of their knowledge and belief.  The notary is not responsible for verifying that the information is true.


If you are a witness in court, and you make a false statement while under oath, you may be charged with the crime of perjury.  In a similar manner, if you make a false statement to a notary, while under oath or affirmation, you may also be charged with perjury.

Must Sign in Notary Presence for Jurat

The notary verifies the ID, awareness, and willingness of the signer.  For a sworn statement, the signer must sign the document in front of the notary.  If the signer has already signed the document, the notary must ask the signer to sign the document again, in the notary’s presence.  The notary should compare the document signature with the signature on the photo ID.

Jurats are attached to documents that are used as evidence, such as court documents, depositions, verification, and affidavits.  They are often attached to applications, registration forms, certificates and statements of fact, such as a financial statement.

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