How to Notarize a Mylar Document

How to Notarize a Mylar Document

Mylar plat rollA Mylar document is made of a clear, strong polyester film or plastic.  Most documents seen by a notary are paper documents. And, we will see more electronic documents in the future.

Mylar is used for archived documents, real estate plat maps, surveyor maps and for architectural drawings.  A Mylar document presents a challenge to a notary without the experience to handle it.

Mylar is a trademark of DuPont.

Water-based Ink

With a paper document, a notary could use a rubber stamp with a water-based ink.  The pores of the paper act like a sponge and absorb the ink into the document.  The notary should use caution to avoid holding the stamp on the document too long.  Excess ink may flow onto the document causing a blurred stamp or allowing ink to bleed through to the backside where it may interfere with text on a two-sided document.

A Mylar document has a smooth surface.  If you use a rubber stamp with a water-based ink on a Mylar document, there are no pores to absorb the ink.  Instead, the ink will sit on the surface, will not dry, and will smear and make a mess.  Improperly stamped documents may be rejected by county recording officials.

StazOn solvent ink pad jet black

Industrial Ink Pad

Rather than use a water-based ink, there are other types of ink available, such as pigment-based and solvent-based industrial inks.

StazOn brand is a readily available solvent-based ink for use on a smooth surface.  You can find it in hobby stores, arts and crafts stores, and Walmart.  You can purchase a StazOn foam ink pad for about $10, and you should also purchase the companion StazOn ink solvent cleaner product to use for clean up.

StazOn cleanerReplace your water-based ink pad with the solvent-based inkpad.  Try several test stamps to make sure the stamp is working properly.  Do a test stamp on a smooth surface such as a plastic bag.  I found the solvent-based ink to be slippery and it has a tendency to slide across the surface.  So, use a steady hand with an up and down motion, to avoid smearing.

After stamping the Mylar document, I use a cotton-tipped swab with the solvent cleaning fluid to clean up any excess.  Be sure to clean your rubber stamp after use.  Solvent-based inks may dissolve your rubber stamp over a period of time.  They also evaporate over time, so I keep mine in a food saver vacuum-sealed plastic bag for longer life.

Permanent Ink Pen

A normal ballpoint ink pen will not work on a Mylar document.  You will need a permanent ink pen such as a Sharpie fine point pen or a Fisher Space Pen or a uni-ball Signo 307 with super ink  Allow the ink on the Mylar document to dry thoroughly before use.

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