Fisher Space Pen, Check Guardian

Fisher Space Pen, Check Guardian

Fisher Space Pen Check GuardianA Fisher Space Pen can help a notary provide a strong line of defense against fraud.  Criminals may use common household cleaning products to erase ink from checks and documents. This is known as check washing.  Then they enter false information to commit fraud.

Cellu-Lock Ink

Fisher Space Pen Company has a pen model named “Check Guardian“.  It contains a specially formulated non-erasable anti check washing ink which helps prevent and safeguard against fraud, forgery and identity theft.  Cellu-Lock ink creates a molecular bond with cellulose fibers of the paper.  It is impervious to all known fluids used by criminals in check washing.

NASA Space Program

The Fisher Space Pen was developed in 1965 for the NASA space program.  It uses an ink cartridge pressurized with nitrogen at 35 PSI, and will write in temperatures from -30 to 250 F, underwater, in zero gravity, at any angle, even upside down!

They are used by astronauts, pilots, law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, armed forces, outdoor workers, ski patrols, search and rescue teams, and anyone who demands writing reliability in adverse conditions. A specially formulated thixotropic ink is used to keep the pen sealed and leak-free.  Thixotropic ink is a semisolid gel until the movement of the ball-point tip liquefies it (liquefaction).

Notaries, check writers and document signers should investigate using the Check Guardian pen to help prevent document tampering, alteration, and fraud.  The Fisher Space Pen is manufactured in the USA, is available in different models, and may be purchased at retail office supply stores and online.  I found the Fisher Check Guardian space pen online at eBay.

Update: Other pressurized pens include the uni Power Tank, Tombow AirPress and Pilot Down Force.  Other pens using anti-fraud ink are the uni-ball Signo 207, 307 and Zebra Orbitz gel pens, and uni-ball Vision Elite and Jetstream ballpoint ink pens.

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