Colorado State Seal

Colorado State Seal

The design and use of the Colorado State Seal is regulated by state law.

Colorado State Seal 200x200CRS 24-80-901, Size and Description of Seal

The seal of the state shall be such size as specified by the secretary of state by rule adopted in accordance with article 4 of this title, with the following device inscribed thereon:

A heraldic shield bearing in chief, or upon the upper portion of the same, upon a red ground three snow-capped mountains;  above surrounding clouds;

upon the lower part thereof upon a golden ground a miner’s badge, as prescribed by the rules of heraldry;

as a crest above the shield, the eye of God, being golden rays proceeding from the lines of a triangle;

below the crest and above the shield, as a scroll, the Roman fasces bearing upon a band of red, white, and blue the words, “Union and Constitution“;

below the whole the motto, “Nil Sine Numine“;

the whole to be surrounded by the words, “State of Colorado“, and the figures “1876“.

CRS 24-80-903, Secretary of State alone can affix – custodian

The secretary of state is alone authorized to use or affix the seal of this state to any document whatever, and he only in pursuance of law. The secretary is made the custodian of the seal of the state and responsible for its safekeeping.

The Latin motto “Nil Sine Numine” means “nothing without the Deity“.

The Roman fasces, is a bundle of birch or elm rods with a battle axe bound together by red thongs and the words, “Union and Constitution” bearing on a band of red, white and blue.  The Roman fasces is the insignia of a republican form of government.  The bundle of rods bound together symbolizes strength, which is lacking in the single rod.  The axe symbolizes authority and leadership.

The Colorado State Seal was approved in 1877 and was adapted from the seal of Colorado Territory, adopted in 1861.

Colorado notaries are appointed by the Secretary of State but are not authorized to use the Colorado State Seal on a notary stamp.  In some states, the state seal is included on the notary stamp.

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