Colorado Notary Training, Exam

Colorado Notary Training, Exam

In Colorado, new notaries and renewing notaries that have let their notary commission expire are required to complete an SOS approved Colorado Notary Training course and the Colorado Notary Exam.Colorado Notary Law

There is no time specified for the length of the training course, but certain elements must be included covering Colorado Notary Law.  The instructor may also include widely accepted best practices for notaries.

On completion of the training course, the student receives a course completion certificate, which is valid for six months.

Colorado Notary Exam

The student then must pass the Colorado Notary Exam, which is an open book online exam, with no time limit.  The minimum passing score is 80%.  On successful completion of the notary exam, the student receives and exam completion certificate.

Then the student must submit an online notary application form, a notarized affirmation to obey the Colorado notary laws, and attach the course completion certificate, the exam completion certificate, driver’s license or other acceptable ID, and an application fee of $10.

The SOS office normally will process the notary application within 5 business days, and then the notary will receive email notification of his/her notary commission, which is valid for 4 years.  Under current law, the notary must renew the commission every 4 years, but no additional training, continuing education or exam is required.  The notary is required to be aware of and comply with any changes in the Colorado notary laws.

Once the notary commission is approved, the notary can purchase a notary journal and a notary rubber stamp.  We offer notary supplies on our website.

The Colorado notary training and exam requirements started on May 1, 2010.  Colorado notaries who were commissioned before that date are not required to complete the class and exam, but it is highly recommended so that the notary is knowledgeable in notary law to better serve the public and to reduce the risk of notary errors and omissions.

Notary Training in Other States

A growing number of states are requiring notary training and/or a notary exam including:
1.  California– exam, initial 6-hour course, 3-hour renewal course
2.  Colorado– exam, initial course
3.  Connecticut– exam on application form
4.  DC– exam and orientation
5.  Florida– initial 3-hour course
6.  Hawaii– exam
7.  Louisiana– exam
8.  Maine– exam on application form
9.  Missouri– initial course, renewal course
10.  Montana– initial course
11.  Nebraska– exam
12.  Nevada– initial 4-hour course
13.  New York– exam
14.  North Carolina– exam (initial and renewal), initial 6-hour course
15.  Oregon– exam on application form, initial 3-hour course
16.  Pennsylvania– initial 3-hour course, renewal 3-hour course
17.  Utah– exam

Even in states where notary training is not required, it is highly recommended to better serve the public and to avoid notary mistakes and liability.

We offer Colorado Notary Training classes by classroom training, teleconference training, and online self-study.  Private training classes are available on request.  The training will prepare you to pass the Colorado Notary Exam and includes additional information and a notary reference guide book.

Visit our website for Colorado Springs Mobile Notary services or Colorado Notary Training classes.

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