Colorado Medical Marijuana Forms

Colorado medical marijuana forms notaryColorado Medical Marijuana Forms

Colorado Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Registration Cards are available only for Colorado residents being treated for an active, chronic or debilitating medical condition.

Application for Registration Card

The Application for Registration Card, Form MMR1001, is a sworn statement, including patient information, and must be notarized with a jurat notary certificate.  The form may not be notarized by the patient, the caregiver, the physician or the person who signs the payment.

Legal update: New Forms Released, October 2015

New versions of the medical marijuana forms were published in October 2015.  The prior notary section has been removed from most of the new versions of the forms, except Parental Consent form MMR1004.

Disclosure: This article is outdated and is for historical purposes only.

Applicants must include a clear copy of ID to prove identity and Colorado residency. The acceptable forms of ID are listed in the application instructions and include a Colorado driver’s license or ID, or and out-of-state driver’s license or ID, US Passport, Military ID or Tribal ID and proof of residency, including a Colorado paycheck, government-issued benefit letter, Colorado issued occupational certification or copy of a utility bill.  Instructions are included with the application form.  The completed form must be mailed or delivered to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) in Denver.

Caregiver Acknowledgment

Form MMR1012, Caregiver Acknowledgment, is used to designate a primary caregiver. The caregiver must include the name of the patient, the caregiver’s identification information, and describe the services or resources they will provide for the patient.  The caregiver consents to assuming significant responsibility for managing the patient’s well-being.  The sworn statement must be notarized with a jurat notary certificate and mailed to CDPHE.

Other medical marijuana forms, such as patient or caregiver changes, lost or stolen registry cards, and forms for minors are included on the CDPHE website.

Forms for a Medical Marijuana Center, Infused Product Manufacturer, Caregiver Cultivation Registration, and Retail Marijuana Business are available on the Marijuana Forms Page of the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Notaries processing Colorado marijuana forms should follow the procedures for sworn statements or acknowledgments.  They should use extra care that the signer is not under the influence of marijuana or any other medication that causes doubt about the signer’s awareness of the purpose of the document, or that interferes with the signer’s ability to solemnly state that the information provided in the document is true and correct.

Disclaimer: This article is not to be used or considered as legal advice.  Laws and forms change.  Contact a licensed, competent attorney for legal advice.

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