Chinese Language Notary Guide

Chinese language notary guideChinese Language Notary Guide

Chinese language notary guide is a tool to help notarize a document written in the Chinese language, or for a signer who speaks Chinese.  If the notary does not speak Chinese, this helps to bridge the language barrier.  It is similar to a Chinese phrasebook used by a tourist when traveling in a Chinese speaking country or community.

In the United States, large Chinese speaking communities are found in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Boston, Chicago, Washington, DC, Seattle, Houston, and Philadelphia.

In Colorado, the notary may not use a human as a translator or interpreter.  This is because the notary would not know if the translator is being honest.  The notary must communicate directly with the signer.

Google Translate

Google Translate is free software that can translate a Chinese document.  It is available at or can be downloaded as a phone application.

You can cut and paste text from a Chinese language document, upload a document file, or enter a website address for translation.  That may be useful to translate a Chinese language foreign embassy website.

It helps the notary to use reasonable care to confirm the title and purpose of the document.  The translated document is not notarized, so the translation does not need to be 100% accurate.  The original document in the Chinese language is notarized.

The notary certificate can be in the Chinese language if the notary speaks Chinese.  If the document is going to a foreign country and needs an apostille certificate attached by the Colorado Secretary of State (SOS), then the notary certificate must be in English.

If the signer does not speak good English, a Chinese language notary guide that includes common notary questions and sentences may be a useful tool.  Below are some suggestions.  The notary may include others as needed for the situation, and then use Google Translate to generate a numbered list.  The notary can then point to the line number to select a phrase or question.  The signer could type an answer in Google Translate and then translate it into English.

Chinese Language Notary Guide (Simplified Characters)

1.  Hello.  My name is ___.  I am a Notary Public.
1.  你好。 我的名字是 ___。 我是公证人。
2.  I do not speak your language.
2.  我不会说你的语言。
3.  What is your name?
3.  你叫什么名字?
4.  Please print your [name] on this paper.
4.  请在本文打印您的[姓名] [答案]。
5.  May I please see your identification?
5.  我可以看看你的身份证明吗?
6.  What type of document is this?
6.  这是什么类型的文件?
7.  Please print the document title on this paper.
7.  请在本文件上打印文档标题。
8.  Have you read this document?
8.  你看过这个文件了吗?
9.  Please fill in this blank space.
9.  请填写此空白处。
10.  Do you understand the purpose of this document?
10.  你了解这份文件的目的吗?
11.  Are you signing this document voluntarily?
11.  你是自愿签署这份文件的吗?
12.  Do you acknowledge that this is your signature?
12.  你承认这是你的签名吗?
13.  Do you swear or affirm that these statements are true and correct?
13.  您是否发誓或确认这些陈述是真实无误的?
14.  Please sign your name here.
14.  请在这里签名。
15.  My fee is [number] dollars.
15.  我的费用是[数字]美元。
16.  Yes
16.  是
17.  No
17.  没有
18.  I do not understand.
18.  我不明白。
19.  I do not know.
19.  我不知道。
20.  Please repeat.
20.  请重复。
21.  Please speak slowly.
21.  请慢慢讲。
22.  Thank you.
22.  谢谢。
23.  Nice to meet you.
23.  很高兴见到你。
24.  Here is my business card.
24.  这是我的名片。
25.  Have a nice day.
25.  祝你今天愉快。
26.  Good bye.
26.  再见。
27.  Here is the name and phone number of a notary that speaks Chinese.
27.  这是一个说中文的公证人的姓名和电话号码。
28.  I am not a notario publico.
28.  我不是公证书。
29.  I am not an attorney.
29.  我不是律师。
30.  I do not give legal advice.
30.  我不提供法律建议。
31.  I am not a civil law notary.
31.  我不是民法公证人。

The notary should write the title and description of the document in the notary journal.  For example, a Power of Attorney in Chinese is called a 授权书 (Shòuquán shū).  The number of pages should be shown.  Ask the signer to fill in any blank spaces before notarizing.

It is best to use the date format: July 4, 2018, rather than 7/4/18 (mm-dd-yy).  In many foreign countries, the date is in dd-mm-yy format, so 7/4/18 would be 7 Apr 2018.

Chinese language notary guide can be a useful tool for a notary to accommodate a Chinese language speaker.

Disclaimer: This article is not to be considered or used as legal advice.  For legal advice, contact a licensed, competent attorney.

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