Polaris Office App for Smartphones

Polaris Office App for Smartphones

Polaris Office is a free, popular office suite application for mobile devices.  I use it on my Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone.  It is also available for Apple iOS.  It is compatible with Microsoft Office.

Tech TipsI use a notebook PC as my primary PC in my office, running Microsoft Office.  That is where I create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint slide presentations.  I can bring my notebook PC in the field when needed, but I need a Wi-Fi connection to access the internet.  With my smartphone, I have unlimited data usage included in my cell phone plan and 4G internet access anywhere in the service area of my cell phone carrier.

Polaris Office Spreadsheet Cloud Storage

I keep my calendar appointments, task list, project list, and shopping list in a spreadsheet.  With Polaris Office on my mobile device, my spreadsheets, created on my office PC are synced to cloud storage and available in Polaris Office for viewing and editing.

100 MB of cloud storage is included for free, and you can earn an additional 300 MB for installing the Polaris Office desktop client app.  With the free version, two devices may be synchronized, such as your office PC and your mobile device.  A paid version is available as an upgrade, with additional features including the ability to sync up to 5 devices, 5 GB of cloud storage and file password protection.

PowerPoint Cloud Storage

For salespeople or business meetings, you can display a PowerPoint presentation on your smartphone, without lugging around a larger tablet PC or notebook PC.  You can also view PDF files.

My Samsung smartphone has a 4.8″ diagonal screen, so it is not well-suited for creating large documents from scratch, but it works fine for viewing or editing a document in the field.  For extended use and lots of typing, I can add an external Bluetooth wireless keyboard to turn my smartphone into a small mobile PC, rather than using a tablet PC or notebook PC.

Polaris Office is a useful tool for mobile office use and the free version suits my needs.  I recommend Polaris Office.  It may save you money, rather than buying a tablet PC and installing Microsoft Office or another paid office suite.

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