Patriot Supersonic Boost XT USB Flash Drive

Patriot Supersonic Boost XT USB Flash Drive

The Patriot Memory Supersonic Boost XT USB Flash Drive is a good choice for local data backup to a removablPatriot_Supersonic_XTe USB flash drive.  The product line includes data capacity models of 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256GB.

The drive supports high speed USB 3.0 and is backward compatible with USB 2.0.  For 32GB and larger capacities, data transfer speeds are up to 150MB/sec read, up to 30MB/sec write.  Patriot also offers other models with faster data transfer speeds.

The Supersonic Boost XT flash drive has a durable, rugged design, with a rubberized housing exterior that safeguards the drive from the elements.  The rubberized design protects it from drops, shock and physical damage, and is water resistant, offering protection from spills and liquids.

The compact size and ruggedized features make it a great choice for transporting data between locations.  It includes a slot in the end of the housing for attachment to a lanyard or key ring.

With storage capacity sizes up to 256GB, it can be used for data backup as well as transporting files.  My computer system does real time data backups to remote encrypted cloud storage, as well as nightly local data backup to two Patriot flash drives.  Another Patriot flash drive, containing a recent data backup, is kept in a fireproof safe.

The narrow width of the drive, allows multiple drives to be installed in adjacent USB ports.  It supports easy plug and play functionality.  The drive comes with a 5 year warranty.

Patriot has a reputation for good quality products and I have good results with the Patriot brand name.

For more information about their product line, see the product information on the Patriot Memory website.

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