Parental Consent for Minor Tattoo

tattoo Maori Chief Captain Cook 1769Parental Consent for Minor Tattoo

Several states require a notarized parental consent form for a minor to get a tattoo.  They include Delaware, Florida, Kansas, and Kentucky.

Since a minor may not enter into a legally binding contract, most states require written consent from the parent or guardian of a minor child who wants body art, without requiring a notary.

See notarized Florida parental consent form for minor tattoo.

The word “tattoo” comes from the Tahitian word “tatau”.  Captain James Cook used the word “tattow” when he witnessed tattooing for the first time in Tahiti, in 1769.

Photo credit: Maori Chief with tattoos, by Parkinson, Sydney, 1745-1771.  Parkinson was the artist on Captain Cook’s 1st voyage to New Zealand in 1769.  From: Parkinson, Sydney.  A journal of a voyage to the South Seas.  London, 1784, plate 16, opposite page 90.  (Alexander Turnbull Library Reference: PUBL-0037-16) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Tattoos for Minors Prohibited

Some states prohibit tattoos for minors, even with parental consent:
Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.

Oregon requires authorization from a physician.

Additional Restrictions from Tattoo Artists

Tattoo artists may choose additional restrictions, such as declining to serve a minor, even with parental consent, or declining to tattoo certain body parts, messages or images.

Colorado Law for Body Art

Colorado Law CRS 25-4-2101.  Powers and duties of department – rules.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) shall promulgate rules governing the safe and sanitary practice of body art.  Local governments and health agencies may add additional laws and rules.

Colorado Law CRS 25-4-2103.  Parental consent for minors.

No body artist shall perform a body art procedure upon a minor unless the body artist has received express consent from the minor’s parent or guardian.  Failure to obtain such permission before performing body art procedures on a minor shall constitute a petty offense punishable by a fine of two hundred fifty dollars.

Check Local Laws and Regulations

Check your state and local laws and health department rules and regulations for details on a minor getting a tattoo or body piercing.

Also check school rules on body art and the license, insurance, facilities, experience and reputation of the body artist.

Disclaimer: Laws and regulations vary by city and state and are subject to change.  This article is not legal advice.  For legal advice, contact a licensed, experienced attorney.

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