Obstructing Government Operations

Obstructing Government Operations

Colorado law CRS 18-8-102 defines Obstructing Government Operations.

ABC Legal Docs logo 90x90People sometimes get angry and then do stupid things.  Some drivers let anger and emotions escalate into road rage and may threaten, intimidate, menace or injure another driver, in a perceived view of dispensing street justice.  Innocent victims may be injured when driving a motor vehicle irresponsibly in a fit of rage. While road rage is usually between citizen motorists, some people unleash their anger against government officials.

In Colorado, a person commits the crime of Obstructing Government Operations if he intentionally obstructs, impairs, or hinders the performance of a governmental function by a public servant, by using or threatening to use violence, force, or physical interference or obstacleObstructing government operations is a class 3 misdemeanor.

Governmental function” includes any activity which a public servant is legally authorized to undertake on behalf of the government.

Public servant” means any officer or employee of the government, whether elected or appointed, and any person participating as an advisor, consultant, process server, or otherwise in performing a governmental function, but the term does not include witnesses.

Colorado Notary Public

A notary public is commissioned by the Colorado Secretary of State to perform government functions of notarizing documents, making certified copies and administering oaths and affirmations.

If you are under stress, have a short temper, or feel that you have been treated unfairly, do not let anger or rage take over your behavior and cause you to do something that you will regret.  Remain calm and discuss the situation in a mature manner.

Do not obstruct, impair or hinder a public servant who is performing a government function.

Do not use or threaten to use violence, force or physical interference or obstacle against a public official.  You may be charged with a crime of obstructing government operations.

Colorado law CRS 18-3-206 defines Menacing as a threat or physical action, that knowingly places or attempts to place another person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury. Menacing involving the use or threatened use of a deadly weapon is a Class 5 Felony.  Do not brandish a weapon or threaten assault.

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