Mobile Notary at Construction Site

modular office construction siteMobile Notary at Construction Site

As a Colorado Springs mobile notary, I frequently go to hospitals and nursing homes to notarize documents for patients and residents.  This week, I went on my first call to a construction site.

A contractor was installing the fire sprinkler system for the new Bonaventure assisted living center.  The signing location was inside the contractor’s modular office at the construction site.  There were lots of plans and blueprints on the tables. 

Contractor Documents

The contractor needed a document notarized to submit to the Colorado Department of Public Safety,  Division of Fire Prevention and Control, which regulates fire suppression systems and does fire safety inspections for this type of facility.


I had never seen this government form before.  I looked it over and determined that it was a sworn statement (affidavit), and had the usual jurat notarial certificate attached.  I verified photo ID, had a brief conversation with the contractor and then administered the required oath for the sworn statement.  The process took a few minutes at the construction site.

While driving away, I realized that this beautiful new facility will have a grand opening soon, and the senior citizen residents will be calling me to help them notarize their documents such as wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.

And, I will have a story to tell them about how I helped the contractor who installed the fire sprinkler system at the construction site.  I hope they never need to use it.

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