How to Notarize a Power of Attorney in Colorado

Colorado Power of Attorney notaryHow to Notarize a Power Of Attorney in Colorado

One of the most common legal forms that I am asked to notarize is a Power of Attorney (POA).  This form allows the signer, known as the Principal, to appoint one or more persons as an agent, or attorney-in-fact, to act on behalf of the Principal.

Colorado updated its Power of Attorney laws and adopted the Uniform Power of Attorney Act, (UPOAA), effective January 1, 2010.  A sample POA form is included in the state statutes.

A Colorado POA created after UPOAA is a durable POA, continuing in effect if the principal becomes incapacitated.

The form is used to appoint an agent to have general financial powers, including authority over bank accounts, real property, personal property, stocks, and bonds, operating a business, insurance, estates and trusts, legal claims, personal and family maintenance, government benefit programs, retirement plans, and taxes.

In addition, there are other optional sections on the form to grant additional specific powers, known as hot powers, and special instructions, and to nominate a conservator or guardian, should a court need to appoint one at a future date.

The form only requires the signature of the Principal, and an acknowledgment by the Principal made before a Notary Public.  The agent does not need to sign the form and no witnesses are required in Colorado.  Other states may require the signature of the agent or witnesses.

Sample Power Of Attorney Form

The sample statutory form also includes instructions for the agent, to help them understand their role, powers, and duties.  The agent must keep a record of the actions performed on behalf of the principal.  See our article on keeping an agent record for a POA.

The form does not authorize the agent to make health care decisions for the Principal.  A health care or medical power of attorney can be used for that purpose.

A free PDF version of the POA form is available at
Colorado Statutory Power of Attorney form.

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