Form I-9 Employee ID Verification

Form I-9 employee ID verification notaryForm I-9 Employee ID Verification

USCIS Form I-9 is completed by a new hire employee and the new employer.  When a new hire employee is located in a remote location, away from the employer’s location, the employer may choose to designate a person or company to serve as the employer’s agent.

The employer’s agent meets with the new hire employee, verifies the identification presented by the new employee, and then completes the required sections of the Form I-9.  Instructions are provided with the form.

A notary may be called to perform this service because the notary is familiar with checking identification as part of a notary transaction.  The Form I-9 does not require notarization and a notary is not required.

Authorized Representative

We offer Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification services, as an employer’s authorized designated agent, not as a notary.  An Authorized Representative agreement is required. If you do not provide an agreement, the agreement and terms on our website shall apply.

Please Note: Since Form I-9 does not require a notary, there is no procedure described for notarization in the USCIS Form I-9 Employer Handbook M-274.  A notary may not sign the form and then notarize his/her own signature.  A notary acts as a public official on behalf of the state, not as an agent.

Acceptable ID

For Form I-9 ID verification, the new employee will need to present original documents, not copies, for verification of identity and employment authorization.  (A certified copy of a birth certificate is allowed.)

Receipt Rule

If a required document has been lost, stolen or damaged, the employee should apply to get a replacement document and keep the receiptThe receipt must be issued by the originating agency or authority, indicating that a replacement document has been requested.

The receipt may be used as temporary proof of employment eligibility, in lieu of original documents.  The employee must present a replacement document, or another acceptable document, within 90 days.

For more information on the “receipt rule” see the example of receipt rule and the “Special rules for receipts” in Title 8, Section 274A.2 (b)(1)(vi)(A), in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) at

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