Field Services, Photos, Inspections, Recordings, Minutes

field services photos inspectionsField Services, Photos, Inspections, Recordings, Minutes

We offer Colorado Springs field services, including digital photos, field inspections, audio and video recordings, election supervision, and taking meeting minutes.

Digital Photos, Video Field Services

We can take digital photos or videos to record personal statements, interviews, business meetings, presentations, HOA meetings, committee meetings, etc., with a Canon telephoto optical zoom digital camera.

Audio Recording

Sony ICDAX412We can make audio recordings using a Sony ICD-AX412 stereo Digital Voice Recorder and create audio files in .mp3 format and other audio formats.

Meeting Minutes, Elections, Oath of Office, Affidavits, Transcription

We can take meeting minutes and record election results for your organization as a recording secretary, take sworn statements and affidavits, and transcribe recorded speech to text using Express Scribe or other software.

As a Colorado Springs mobile notary, we can administer an oath of office for elected officers and board members, notarize business meeting minutes, contracts, lien waivers, and make certified copies of business records.

Field Inspections, Other Field Services

Keson RoadRunner 182 measuring wheelWe can do a no-contact field inspection, take measurements with a tape measure or Keson RoadRunner measuring wheel, complete a paper or electronic inspection report, take digital photos if needed, and email the inspection report and digital photos to you.

This is useful for real estate investors, tax lien investors, landlords, move-in/move-out inspections, landowners, research, due diligence, investigations, project progress reports, property condition checks, neighborhood condition checks, etc.

We do not do home inspections or roof inspections.

Contact us for your Colorado Springs field services or mobile notary needs.

Disclaimer: Inspection does not certify compliance with federal, state or local laws, ordinances, permits, covenants, lease terms, zoning, fire, health, environmental, safety, or building codes, workmanship standards, or include hidden defects or hazards.

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