Event Verification by Notary

Event Verification by Notary

In Colorado, the powers and limitations of a notary are listed in CRS 12-55-110. They include taking an acknowledgment, proof of execution, deposition, affidavit, verification, sworn testimony, administering an oath or affirmation, presenting a notice of Colorado Notary Lawdishonor, protesting a note and other negotiable instruments, making a certified copy, and making certificates or statements regarding notarial acts performed.

The law also allows the notary to perform any other act allowed under the law, rules or regulations of another jurisdiction, including the United States, if the act is not prohibited by Colorado law, rules or regulations.

Impartial Witness

A notary who is named as a party to a transaction, is disqualified, and may not notarize the transaction.  The notary must be a neutral, impartial witness.

Event Verification

Colorado law does not authorize a notary to do event verification.  Another person can witness the event, and then make a sworn statement or affidavit, in front of the notary.  Or, the notary could witness the event in person, and then make a sworn statement as a witness in front of another notary.

Event verification is authorized in the State of Washington.  A notary may certify that an event has occurred or an act has been performed.

Guinness World Records ™

A person attempting to set a new record should carefully follow the rules of the organization that keeps the records.  For Guinness World Records ™, follow the instructions on the website at GuinnessWorldRecords.com

Event verification is done by the Guinness Records Management Team.   They will assess your evidence and if your attempt is verified as successful, they will send you a complimentary Official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Record-Holder Certificate to confirm your record-holder status.

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