EaseUS Todo Backup for Disk Cloning

EaseUS Todo Backup for Disk Cloning

Tech TipsMost people make a backup copy of their important computer files.  But, many do not clone (duplicate) a copy of their operating system and application softwareEaseUS Todo Backup is popular software that can be used to backup your files and also clone a copy of a disk partition or an entire disk, including your system disk.

If your system disk crashes, or you get a computer virus infection, and you do not have a clone of it, you will have to reinstall your operating system, and all of your application software, and reset all of your system settings to fine-tune everything to get back to where you were before the disk crash.

Cloning Software

Cloning software allows you to clone your system disk so that you have a bootable backup copy.  If you have a system disk crash, you simply remove the bad disk, insert the clone copy and you are up and running again quickly.  Otherwise, it may take many hours or even days to rebuild and restore your disk by re-installing all the software.  This lost time can be avoided.

Cloning software is also useful if you want to upgrade your system by installing a larger disk to replace a smaller disk, or for migration from a hard disk drive (HDD) to a solid-state drive (SSD).  If your disk is not full, it is also possible to replace a larger capacity disk with a smaller capacity disk.  The cloning software detects how much disk space is needed before it starts, and allows you to adjust the size of the disk partitions.

There are many vendors that make backup and cloning software.  EaseUS Todo Backup is very popular, and it is simple to use.  Depending on the size and speed of your disk, it may take 1 to 2 hours to create the clone disk.  You can start the program and walk away.  It provides status messages as it makes progress.  When it finishes, install your new clone disk to test that it boots up and works properly.

I set up my disk with multiple disk partitions using Windows Disk Management with Administrator privileges.  On one disk partition, I install the operating system and the application software.  On another disk partition, I store my data files, including documents, spreadsheets, text and PDF files.

On another disk partition, I store my media files, such as audio, video, music and photos, which take up much more storage space than data files.  Windows assigns each disk partition a different drive letter, even though each logical partition is located on the same physical disk.

By using separate partitions, you can clone or copy one partition individually, without copying the other partitions.  If the disk crashes or develops a defect or virus in the operating system partition, the separate partitions for data and media are not affected.  Using separate partitions for programs, data and media provides more availability of files in case of a disk crash.

EaseUS offers several different software products.  There are free versions and paid versions.  For more information about EaseUS Todo Backup, see their website at www.todo-backup.com

Make your clone disk now with EaseUS Todo Backup to be prepared for disaster recovery and business continuity before you have a disk crash or virus.  Make a new clone disk after you have installed new application software, or every few months, so it is fairly recent.

Run your anti-virus software before you make the clone with EaseUS Todo Backup.  If you upgrade from a hard disk drive to a solid-state drive, use the old hard disk drive to store your clone.  Run daily backups of your important files using your favorite backup software.

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