Belkin Surge Protector BE112230-08 12 Outlets

Belkin Surge Protector BE112230-08 12 Outlets

The Belkin BE112230-08 Surge Protector provides 12 outlets for use in a small business or home office.  It has an Belkin BE112230-08 Surge Protector8-foot cord and a rating of 15 A, 1800 WattsAmazon price: $18.99.

It has a slim, flat design with three rows of power outlets.  Each 3-prong power outlet has a sliding safety cover.  The center row has six outlets.  The left and right side rows have three outlets each, widely spaced for use with large AC power adapters.

There is an on/off switch on the end, a green indicator light showing Protected status and a red indicator light for Not Grounded.  It includes phone line protection with one phone in and two phone out connectors, for use with a landline phone, DSL modem or fax.

This model also includes coaxial cable in and out connections to protect a TV, cable box or home theater.  [Model BE112234-08 also protects Ethernet connections.]  Mounting holes are included for mounting on a wall or baseboard.  A detachable cable management clip helps to manage power cords.

It has a maximum energy dissipation rating of 3940 Joules.  A high Joule rating indicates a high-quality surge protector, capable of absorbing more surge energy, and extending product life.  The clamping voltage is 500 Volts.

It includes a noise filter for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), with up to 75 dB (decibel) reduction from 150 kHz-100 MHz.  Noise filters help to prevent audio/video interference, computer lockups, and data loss.

Surge protectors cannot protect from nearby lightning strikes.  They are designed to protect from normal power surges and spikes from utilities and appliances switching on and off.  It is best to place appliances with motors (vacuums, blenders, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioners, power tools) and heating coils (space heaters, toasters, ovens, hair dryers, clothes dryers) on a separate circuit, with their own surge protector.

Surge protectors wear out and need to be replaced.  The protection devices inside, oversized Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs), absorb power surges and spikes over their lifetimes.  Check the Protected status indicator to determine when the surge protector needs to be replaced.

Home Office Power Consumption Estimate

Make a list of the power consumption of all the devices you plan to plug in.  Do not exceed the maximum Watt rating or Amp rating of the surge protector.

Here is an example of the power consumption of computer system/office devices:
1. PC 1, notebook computer, 90 W
2. PC 2, notebook computer, 90 W
3. External monitor display, 65 W
4. Printer 1, laser printer, 345 W
5. Printer 2, inkjet printer,  21 W
6. DSL modem, 6 W
7. Wireless router, 18 W
8. Ethernet switch, 8 W
9. External stereo speakers, 11 W
10. Cell phone charger, 4 W
11. Desk lamp, fluorescent, 15 W
12. Paper shredder, 85 W

Total power consumption if all devices are active: 758 Watts, which is only 42% of the rated device capacity of 1800 Watts.

The Belkin BE112230-08 12-outlet Surge Protector should be enough outlets for most home offices.  Protect your computer equipment with a surge protector.  Beware that a cheap power strip does not include surge protection.

Eco-friendly Energy Saver Tip

Use one surge protector to power the devices that are always powered on.  Use a second surge protector to power the devices that are turned off at night.  Use the master power switch on the second surge protector to turn off all the connected devices at once. Turn the master switch back on at the beginning of the next workday.

This eco-friendly energy saver tip helps the environment and saves money at home or in a green business office. Set computers and display screens to switch to energy-saver mode during off-hours.  Replace incandescent and fluorescent office lights with energy-efficient LED lighting.

Surge Protector Safety Tip

Safety Tip: Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety and performance standard for Surge Protective Devices (SPD), UL 1449 (3rd edition) became mandatory in September 2009.  The 2nd edition became mandatory in February 2007.  The 1st edition was published in August 1985.  For safety, if you have an old surge protector, replace it with a new surge protector that complies with UL 1449 (3rd edition).  Also, do a search to check if your surge protector model has had a manufacturer recall due to safety issues.

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