WuzzRank to Measure Social Media Popularity

WuzzRank social media popularityWuzzRank to Measure Social Media Popularity

WuzzRank is a web metric calculated by WebSEOAnalytics.com.  WuzzRank measures the popularity of a web page or an article on various social media websites.  It displays a score, using a logarithmic scale from 0 to 10.

The word Wuzz comes from the words Web + Buzz.  WuzzRank is the PageRank equivalent for social media popularity for a web page.

Social Media Ranking Signal for SEO

Search engines including Google and Bing use social media “buzz” data as a ranking signal when analyzing websites to determine the display order for the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  Search engines measure the quantity of the mentions, and the quality and authority of the source.

WuzzRank measures several parameters to evaluate each web page, based on the “buzz” (popularity) that page has generated across social media.  WuzzRank is used as an important metric by WebSEOAnalytics, and can provide useful information regarding authority and strength of a source on social networks.  It is also used as a quality score metric by internet communities and bloggers.

Social Bookmarks for Useful Content

A high WuzzRank indicates that the web page is highly appealing to social media users.  A high number of social bookmarks and social media presence indicates that many people find your web page to be interesting, useful, targeted and relevant to a specific theme.  Social bookmarks are beneficial to social media users since they are able to store, exchange, comment or recommend links to other users.

Pages with high-quality, useful content are likely to attract the attention of users and generate the most social bookmarks.  You can check the total number of social bookmarks for a web page, and the total number of shares, likes, comments, mentions of your web page on Facebook and Twitter using the free Reputation Tracker SEO tool at bookmarks finder.

Social Media Reputation Tracker

The free bookmarks finder tool will display:

  • Total Twitter Tweets: number of unique times the URL has been mentioned on Twitter.
  • Facebook Mentions: number of times the URL has been shared, liked and commented on Facebook.
  • Google Blog Search Results*: number of recent blog posts that point to the URL.
  • Delicious: number of times the page has been bookmarked in Delicious.
  • Digg: number of times the page has been shared recently in Digg.
  • StumbleUpon: number of times the page has been viewed in StumbleUpon.

* Google Blog Search was released in 2005 but was discontinued in May 2014.

Also, keep track of the number of followers you have and users that you follow on social media, retweets, and the social signals used by search engines listed below, as you work to increase your brand awareness, online visibility and top-of-mind awareness with potential customers.

Social Signals that Search Engines Receive

  • Google+ (+1, share, comment)
  • Facebook (share, like, comment)
  • Twitter (Like, Retweet, Favorite, comment)
  • LinkedIn (Comment, Like, Share)
  • Foursquare (Leave a tip/comments, share, Like)
  • Pinterest (Like/Pin It, Share/Repin, comment)
  • StumbleUpon (Share, comment)
  • YouTube (Share, like, comment)

High Authority Social Media Users

Ideally, you would like social media users with a high authority to share, like or comment on your content.  For example, a low authority user who only has 10 followers but is following 100 other users, has a 10/100 authority ratio or 0.1 authority.  They are primarily reading or seeking information from others.

A high authority user might have 1,000 or more followers, while following 100 other users, for a 1,000/100 authority ratio or 10 authority.  A high authority is primarily writing and providing information that is valued, trusted and shared by many followers.

Use WuzzRank to Optimize Social Media Campaigns

For small business owners and internet marketers using social media, you can monitor your WuzzRank progress to optimize social media campaigns by installing a WuzzRank widget on your website or blog.  Then adjust your social media strategy to increase your social media score.

WuzzRank Widget

You will need to copy and paste a short script code into your HTML source code.  The script code is available at WuzzRank Widget.  You can install multiple WuzzRank widgets on the same page, with each widget monitoring a different web page or blog page.

You can check the WuzzRank of a competitor, an authority, or any other web page by entering the URL, or a list of URLs in the free WuzzRank calculator SEO tool at Wuzzrank Calculator.

As a point of reference, here are some WuzzRank scores:
10 Google, Netflix, NewYorkTimes, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Walmart
9 FoxNews, NBCNews
8 ABCNews, LinkedIn, Starbucks
7 CBSNews, Trulia, Quora, McDonald’s, DenverBroncos
6 WhiteHouse, ActiveRain, Zillow
0-5 smaller businesses

The WebSEOAnalytics.com website has many free useful SEO tools to help improve your Search Engine Optimization and to keep an eye on your competition.

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