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self-help legal formsSelf-Help Legal Forms

If you need self-help legal forms, we are marketing affiliates for several companies.  There are also some free forms and brochures available on our web page at legal forms, on several subjects including financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, motor vehicle bill of sale, small claims court, garnishment, county court, child support and more.

Thousands of self-help legal forms are available from legal form publishers.  If you tell us what legal form you need, we can do a search for you.  We do not choose forms for you.  We do not provide legal advice.

Many legal forms are fillable PDF forms that you can fill out online and then print out the competed form.  For other forms, you can print out the blank form, and then fill in the blanks by hand printing.

If needed, we can provide document secretarial services.  You tell us what information you want to write in the blank spaces, and we can complete the form at your specific direction.

Business Start-Up Legal Forms

For business start-up and formation, we can file documents as your agent to register a trade name or Doing Business As (DBA), file articles of incorporation to form a corporation, file articles of organization to form an LLC, and organize business records including corporation bylaws, LLC operating agreement, minutes of meetings, and other business record keeping.

You can find self-help legal forms from these companies. [Disclosure: we are marketing affiliates for these companies.  Thank you for your business.]

US Legal Forms


Law Depot



Bradford Publishing is a Denver publisher of Colorado legal forms and legal books.

Legal Plans

Notaries do not give legal advice.  If you have legal questions, or need legal advice, or need a legal document prepared, contact a licensed attorney, or consider joining a legal plan.  You pay a monthly membership fee.  When you have a legal question, you call the legal plan, give your membership number, and then you can speak with a licensed attorney for legal advice.

See legal plans for information on the LegalZoom Personal Legal Plan and LegalZoom Business Legal Plan.  Legal plans are available as low as $9.99 per month for a family plan.  Legal plans for small business and landlords are also available, at higher cost.  The annual legal plan membership fee is less than the amount most attorneys charge for one hour of consulting.

Self-Help Legal Books

We are also a marketing affiliate for NOLO Press, a well-known publisher of self-help legal books and legal software.

You can also read legal books at a public library, or law library, read consumer brochures on legal topics, and read legal websites or watch legal videos.

Disclaimer: We do not provide legal advice.  For legal advice, contact a licensed, competent attorney.

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