We accept payment by Bitcoin (BTC), BitcoinCash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Dash (DSH) digital currency.
More cryptocurrencies including Ethereum (ETH) will be added later.
See current and historic cryptocurrency prices at CryptoCompare.com [new window] or CoinMarketCap.com [new window]
To convert a Bitcoin Cash address between old Legacy and new CashAddr formats, see Bitcoin Cash Address Converter [new window]

bitcoin accepted here

  1. Free Blockchain HD wallet [new window] supports Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, and Ethereum cryptocurrency and has strong security.
  2. Free BitPay HD wallet [new window] supports Bitcoin and BitcoinCash, has strong security with multi-signature, and integration for the BitPay Visa Card [new window], Amazon gift cards and buying and selling Bitcoin.
  3. Free Jaxx HD wallet [new window] and simple tool can hold, control, and trade Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash (DSH), Zcash (ZEC), Augur (REP), Salt (SLT), Civic (CVC), Quantum (QTUM), Blockchain Capital (BCAP), Bancor (BNT), and dozens of other blockchain-based assets and smart contracts. Jaxx does not support 2FA. Set up and use 4-digit PIN to send funds. Private key stored on local device.
  4. Use two-factor authentication (2FA), whenever available, for your email, accounts, and wallet. Google Authenticator app or a USB security key or YubiKey with FIDO U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) are preferred second factors over an SMS text message. Use a long, strong unique password, at least 20 characters long, comprised of letters, numbers, and symbols.  Always backup your wallet information securely.  Do not share your private keys or wallet ID with anyone.  Do not store cryptocurrency private keys in custodial wallets in exchange accounts or online hot storage wallets.
  5. For best privacy, use a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet. It will generate a new public address each time funds are received. Static (non-HD) wallets use the same public address every time funds are received, a poor security practice that can lead to unwanted discovery of your identity by monitoring your transactions on the blockchain.
  6. For storing large amounts of cryptocurrency, use a USB hardware wallet, such as a Trezor or Ledger Nano S. Cost about $100.
  7. For anonymous (no name) or pseudonymous (disguised name) cryptocurrency use, create and use a new email address composed of random letters and numbers, rather than using an email address that includes or is associated with your name or company name. Example: bc1Zr3QBxu @ gmail.com rather than JamesRSmith @ gmail.com or SmithConsulting @ gmail.com.
  8. For secure encrypted email, you can open a free account at ProtonMail [new window]
  9. For increased Internet privacy, you can use a high-quality Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Some VPNs allow payment by Bitcoin.  See free and paid versions of ProtonVPN [new window]
  10. We may require waiting time for 2 to 6 blockchain confirmations for payment confirmation.
  11. You certify that your Bitcoin or altcoin currency was obtained and transferred lawfully. We support the responsible, lawful use of cryptocurrency, blockchain, distributed ledger technology, peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, and smart contracts.
  12. You are responsible for carefully sending payment to the correct cryptocurrency address. (public key hash) Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash legacy addresses start with 1 or 3. Bitcoin Cash new CashAddr format starts with q. Ethereum starts with 0. Litecoin starts with L. Dash starts with X. Dogecoin starts with D.
  13. We do not sell or exchange digital currencies. Digital currency and blockchain tokens are accepted for consumptive use only, exchangeable for the receipt of goods, services or content, including rights of access to goods, services, and content, not for investment purposes or expectation of profit.
  14. Keep track of your cryptocurrency purchase and sale dates, amounts, and prices with a spreadsheet or use CoinTracking software [new window] (10% discount) to calculate capital gains and losses for tax reporting. For tax advice, consult a tax advisor knowledgeable in cryptocurrency.

We are proud to serve Colorado Springs and the blockchain community as a pioneer business accepting digital currency and we look forward to opportunities in this new frontier.

We offer notary training, self-help legal forms, and mobile notary service with traditional paper-based notary public services and electronic notary (e-notary) service for electronic documents.

or pay with cash, check, PayPal or credit card

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1. Pay to ABC Legal Docs, LLC, $10, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash

Pay to ABC Legal Docs, LLC, $10, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, payment pending.

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